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PRISM : Creating culture and community where none exist, making new spaces for new thought.

What are we doing here?
  • we are basically trying to start a new conversation in the world and try to move how we talk to eachother into new and better places
  • digital community gathering as a community
  • place to actually talk about our selves and not worry about the rest of the world
  • experiment into finding ways of having our communication not be a thing people make money off of
  • organize our thoughts for making shows and art..


basic rules

  • you must email fleeky@gmail.com prior to prsm.space approving your registration
  • be respectful , compassionate and thoughtful with what you say
  • try to have a sense of humour and understand when people are joking and when they are being serious
  • less outrage , more productive ideas for solving problems


things to think about and do while at prsm.space

  • what is interesting about federation
  • how can we start to organize ourselves in new and better ways, virtual and real
  • robots , ai , internet communication and data organization
  • art , circus , performance
  • deep thoughts that you are embarrassed about
  • controversial issues you want to discuss (but be willing to have an actual debate)
  • share your photos with your friends