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Went up to house sit at the ranch for the holiday. The herb harvest was long over but the plants still had some lovely purple nuggets that had gotten even more purple and filled out. I asked Yarrow if he wanted me to harvest them for him, but he told me to help myself to all I could take. So here is a little herb porn and a pic of my overall harvest as modest as it is. It is going to be a very stony year!

Making another spurtle. I am going to try to carve some clawed fingers adornments along the sides of the bowl. Not sure how well that will go, but I need the practice. Spalted tan oak.

Dyed the handles to my lovely gouge chisels also from Fadir Tools of Kharkiv, Ukraine.

The spurtle is done. I am going to have to make more of these and one for myself. I really need one.

The stars finally aligned and I was able to deliver and install this table top for a beautiful family to enjoy for many years to come. The table they had was truly an eyesore. Furthermore, due to whatever material was used on the top of it, very gross after years of absorbing everything spilled on it. Anyway, I made some very good people extremely happy today!

I dyed the haft of this bowl adze and this carving axe, the big brother of the other axe I recently posted, these are also from Kharkiv Forge. I have had these for awhile but had not done anything interesting to the hafts. I did slightly modify the haft of this axe to make it fit better in my hand.

The chisels arrived from Kharkiv yesterday! I dyed the handles. Such beautiful tools! One of the details that I appreciate from this smithy is that they send you the tools ready to use right out of the packing material. No sharpening or honing required.

I received a much anticipated package from my favorite toolmakers in Kharkiv, Ukraine today. This beautiful mallet and carving axe are made by the master craftsmen of Fadir Tools aka Kharkiv Forge. I removed their linseed finish, dyed them and then refinished them. I have a set of bench chisels coming from them someday in the not too distant future as well. Hard to believe that they found the time to make these tools whilst simultaneously fighting a war!

Here is an update on the spurtle. Got it shaped. Will let it dry and then do the final smoothing and finish.

Making a spurtle for a friend who in turn is giving it as a gift to their friend. For those that don't know, there are different variants of a spurtle, but this one is based on an English spurtle which seems to be something like a spatula/cooking spoon hybrid. Black walnut.

Got the blocks finished and mounted to the canes. I misunderstood Eva and only made one round block when she wants three. So I did the cuts and glue-up for two more round blocks. Black walnut and tan oak go together so well!

I had to fill in at the front desk tonight due to a staffing shortage, so I made use of the time to come up with a design for wall cleats for the rigging in the main gym. Currently our cleats are long flat rectangles. Old and ugly with many cracked. Time to upgrade and make something beautiful to lash the ropes to. My red pencil does not erase well with regular pencil erasures so the plans are sloppy looking with the changes, but you get the idea.

The round block is shaped and smoothed. Next will be getting the cane so I can fit it, add the furniture inserts, apply the finish, and then mount it to the cane.

Making some replacement blocks for a set of canes belonging to one of the kids that trains here at Circus Center. The one on the left will be an interchangeable round block. The one on the right will be three rectangular blocks same as the original below it.

Making a set of blocks for the Contortion Studio at Circus Center.

Got the Wood-n-Man shifter knob today. I need to realign the knob so the logo is straight, but I am really happy with it!

Making another bowl out of tan oak. Look at what I get to work with!

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