@fleeky the company that handles the landscaping next door had that thing cut up last night. I have no idea they were even there. I did not hear the chainsaw. i took a two 6-7' log. not sure what i will do with them at the moment. nothing since i am basically not doing any work in the shop right now. too busy with the moving to get anything done right now. i will carve some of it, maybe try making a small totem pole with one.

@fleeky that shack is fucked. not worth even thinking about it. the bones have advanced osteoporosis. beautiful spot for the shack but it is too damp and cold there to make it worthwhile except as a summer shack. since i live so close it makes no sense to build one there.

This tree just fell in front of the school. Sadly, the tree is kaput, but no one else got injured and there was no property damage. This happened just before the afternoon rush of kids come to take classes. Fell into the loading zone as well. The timing was fortuitous! I am going to save some of that wood to make something with.

Got my wood stove all cleaned up. The last tenant was burning pallets with all the nails, staples, and screws still embedded in the wood. I filled a five gallon bucket with a little ash but the majority being the aforementioned metal. The waterfall is so beautiful, the best cold shower, and it's in my "backyard"! I get in there halfway through my run and log workout. The shack was built in the '70's but the dude moved out when winter hit as the waterfall made it too cold to live in the shack.

Making handrails for the bleachers at the circus school. Made a newbie error as I did not take into account the fittings in my measurements so I had to take them apart, cut a bit from each length of pipe, recut the threads, and repaint the lengths of pipe. I suppose I could look at it as another opportunity to practice doing all the things.

@fleeky Like Elena Panova, Teacher Xia, Master Lu Yi to name a few

@fleeky She is a badass! dang, i need to make some handbalance equipment for fancy circus people like her someday.

@fleeky she could be an immigrant to Mexico or a child of Russian immigrants. I will check her out.

Refined things a bit on the base. This would make a cool bench top or shelf. And I glued-up the blocks. The blocks are made with the same wood.

@fleeky the pipe has a pretty thick wall so it would take a lot to make it fail, but solid steel is better by far. the problem with putting the flanges on the bottom is then i would have to make feet for it so there is clearance. i may do that anyway so the board does not sit directly on the floor. i will consider that idea though. it is an interesting one

@fleeky yeah, there is much to be desired using pipe and floor flanges. i am going to use furniture inserts in the base to screw the fasteners into. those keep the wood from getting buggered by the movement of the screws but still it would be great to have someone who can make the metal parts as they should be. however, i am charging very little for this board so i do not feel too bad about it being substandard.

Cleaned up the glue up, did the layout, and then roughed out the base. Tonight I will refine the shape and mill the material for the handstand blocks and glue them up. The blocks will match the base. I put a thin strip of a repurposed cabinet from the circus school in the center.

Building a set of handstand canes for one of my colleagues. Had to epoxy the bug damage in the walnut that I am using for the blocks. I messed that up by not having the epoxy up to a more suitable temperature so it did not mix thoroughly and is not setting properly. May take a long time to cure fully if at all. Fortunately that won't matter as it is not crucial to the function of the blocks and is not on the show-side.

My friend, Ashe, found this redwood root washed up on the beach. I talked her out of it. I cleaned it with with a wire wheel and sand paper. Came out looking like a scepter/mace for a goblin king. Going to put a light of some kind in the big end.

made a lanyard from paracord for my kuksa. now i can attach it to my pack and hang it from my wrist if needed.

bought these rather inexpensive carving chisels for finer work. i dyed the handles. you really get what you pay for. several blades are not set properly in the handles, one blade is loose, and the edges on a few are raggedy. clearly made by people who do not give a fuck and were not paid enough to. i will never buy cheap tools again. it is worth every penny to get quality tools made by people who take pride in their work. the forge i like in ukraine was unable to make me any because of the war.

@fleeky how much do you need the blocks to weigh?


definitely. should only take a few days to do the work. likely I can have them ready before the end of the month if you get the wood you want me to use here.

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