When I bought the WoodnManMobile it came with a toolbox. The locks were always tricky to unlock and it often took many tries to get the driver side lock to open. The passenger side lock recently came loose, so I bought some replacement locks and installed them last night. First time using a rivet tool. However, whilst working on the locks it became apparent that this toolbox is more of a toolbox shaped object and not really fit for purpose. Even so, it will do for now.

@fleeky What you see sits on the rails of the bed of the truck. There is a deeper part, but still it does not go all the way to the bed of the truck. There are about 12" of clearance between the bottom of the toolbox and the bed itself.

@jiggidy ok thanks for the explanation definitely makes more sense

@fleeky They do make ones that go all the way to the bed of the truck. However, it is nice to have that space underneath if you have something longer to put in the bed. If it can fit under the toolbox then you are good to go.

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