Got this camper shell today for the WoodnManMobile for $100! Needs some fixing up and possible alteration. This one was designed to fit an extended cab which has a steeper angle. It may be possible to remove some material at the top to get the angle right. Or not. I may find one that fits mine just right and sell this one for what I paid for it plus any money and time I spend fixing it up.

@jiggidy woahh nice! I found that I can actually transport up to around 10' boards with the Ford escape quite safely so I imagine you'll be able to get a lot done with this 🙂

@fleeky I found out that you can cut the fiberglass with a grinder and cutting wheel. straight and clean. my plan is to cut a piece of wood with a 4 degree angle at the end to score a line from the bed rail to the top of the shell on each side. Then connect those at the top. there is a panel with sliding windows that mirrors the windows on the back of the cab. That panel is held in place with some plastic pins. I will remove that first, do the cut, drill new holes for the pins and

@jiggidy oooo good to know fiberglass cuts well like that, good luck!

@fleeky then be able to move the whole shell closer to the cab and at the correct angle so there will no longer be that gap at the bottom and it won't rub on the top of the cab. The back of the shell overhangs a bit as a result. That will no longer be the case if my plan works. It is possible that the fiberglass is too brittle and it will just shatter. There are quite a few cracks along the bottom of those side windows. I can repair them but that may speak to the overall condition of the shell

@fleeky If I find myself hauling a lot of lumber I will get a lumber rack. But I do not see that being a thing at this time. Yarrow and I may end up selling boards and slabs to woodworkers, but who knows? That is a whole 'nother venture with its own time requirements and I would rather build things than spend all of my time harvesting and milling wood

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