Today I received the work holding elements of the Roubo workbench that I will build for myself in the Spring. I got the leg vice Glide C and Crisscross from Benchcrafted. I provide the wood. You can also see a Crucible plane stop on the Glide box. The two larger holdfasts on the right are also from Crucible. They are massive! The Gramercy holdfasts below them I have been using for a while now. They work fine but are limited in what they can hold. I will use them on the carving bench.

@jiggidy wish what might the final work bench look like? Also will have to look up several words in that post to actually understand what you are talking about haha

@fleeky It will look something like this. My top will likely be thicker but I will also have a sliding deadman like this one. that is the board with all of the holes parallel to the right side leg. it moves between the two legs and can be used to hold longer boards in conjunction with the leg vice on the left by either using a peg, holdfast, or other special clamps specific to the deadman. i will have my leg vice on the right side since i work with my left hand a lot.

@jiggidy wow I will have to research all this , looks amazing tho

@fleeky it is named after a famous French woodworker from the olden times. He wrote books on woodworking and this bench was his design. This is going to be a big beast of a bench. likely 8' long and will weigh several hundred pounds. the weight gives you a very stable work surface that will not introduce errors into the workpiece due to unwanted movement. anyway, the size and weight are the reason why i am waiting until i move to build it. so big and heavy, la!

@fleeky tops can range from 4-8". I don't think I will go higher than 6"

@fleeky probably 6. i think that will be good enough for me and at 8' long that will be one heavy top! the legs and stretchers will also add a lot of weight and stability as will the vise.

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