Glue up for a set of six blocks for the circus school. Ash and black walnut. Should be eight blocks but I messed up the math. No one here can do anything with eight blocks so I can forgive myself for miscalculating. Technically, I did make eight but two were shorter than the rest so I am saving those for a set of canes for a smaller individual. Anyway, I may be able to make up for it on the next set of blocks and make an extra two.

Shocks installed. The front shocks were a little challenging because the flanges for the lower mounting point were a little too tight for the shock to fit into. I had to pry them apart to make some room, but other than that, it was a pretty easy install.

Sadly I misjudged the length and this will not work. I am going to add a longer dowel with the hook attached as in this version. That should do the trick.

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Today I installed a new ladder for the flying trapeze as the old one was showing wear where the ladder touches the board. I believe it is because the ladder is aluminium and the base of the board is steel. That causes the metal to breakdown where two different metals touch. And I Frankenstein'd this hook for fishing the flying trapeze bar.

Found this Stanley imperial ruler. Cleaned it up real nice. I do not use imperial. Metric is the best. However, it will be useful as a straight edge.

I will be replacing the upper and lower ball joints and the front and rear shocks this weekend.

Wood-n-Man Shocks®. Only the best for my truck!

Big Spoon is done. Well, I do see some flaws that need correcting. Walnut.

My friend, Bruce, updated the Wood-n-Man name. He also helped, along with Phil, to update the logo.

I went to house sit at the ranch just for the weekend. Had the first Fall harvest fig and brought in these grapes off the vine on his trellis. First rain of the year came early too and started yesterday. That ends the fire season if the rains continue through the Fall and Winter.

I have a nightly ritual that I do after stretching and juggling. I go to my truck, smoke a joint, and listen to some music on my awesome sound system. On my way back to the workshop I saw this stool. The seat is trashed and broken where it connects to the stand and the color is doo-doo brown, but hydraulics work and the seat swivels. Perfect for a makeover. I will remove the paint and repaint with a color more pleasing to my black heart. I will make a seat for it with or without a back. TBD.

Got all the gouge chisels together for a family photo, but only used the large straight gouge so far. First time using the gouge since it arrived from Ukraine. These chisels are both beautiful to behold and to work with. They come razor sharp and ready to go, no honing required. Spalted tan oak.

Spoke with my friend Yarrow about renting this cabin from him. We came to an agreement that will benefit us both. The hut on the left may be a carving workshop, but it may have to be torn down. It was the kitchen for a commune called the Udder Truth. Members had little funky houses, shacks, wooden pads, and even one lived in the hollow of an old dead redwood tree. In any case, I will have a carving workshop, and the power tool workshop will be in Yarrow's shop by his house. Moving in March 1!

Went up to the ranch for the weekend just to get away from the craziness of the city. Hung out with my mountain dog buddy, Mateo. Threw him many a stick which he dutifully chased and quickly destroyed. Good thing he lives by the forest. No shortage of sticks. I celebrated the full moon with a little ganja and magic fungi. Such a beautiful sky! There was a hurricane moving in from further south that brought the ever changing cloud cover and endless eye candy.

Got the first set of parallettes done! Well, I still need to apply further coats of finish. The holes and imperfections in the wood from the former lives look pretty cool too. These are 80cm from snout to tail, and 17cm from floor to top of the bar. All but the bars are repurposed wood from furniture left on the street, circus school door frame, and a pallet.

Chopstick blanks. Although these may end up as kindling. I have hella drift on the bandsaw. I need to do some troubleshooting and fix that. You can see the result on the uneven lines of the blanks. Not cool, dude-bro, not cool at all!

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