Making a kuksa for the SHTF kit and camping. Filling the termite damage with epoxy. I actually found a live termite while hollowing the bowl. Messed the poor little lady up pretty bad with the gouge chisel. Was not intentional. Spalted tan oak.

Making some spoons. The one on the left is a gift for a dancer friend of mine and the one on the right is for my SHTF survival kit. I live in earthquake country so having one of those is a good idea and I am only now getting to building it. Better late than never, right? Black walnut.

Received a new branding iron with the updated logo. I used a different iron maker and the quality is much higher!

My Christmas present is coming along. Got it shaped but still more material to waste. Added epoxy to stabilize the knot.

When I bought the WoodnManMobile it came with a toolbox. The locks were always tricky to unlock and it often took many tries to get the driver side lock to open. The passenger side lock recently came loose, so I bought some replacement locks and installed them last night. First time using a rivet tool. However, whilst working on the locks it became apparent that this toolbox is more of a toolbox shaped object and not really fit for purpose. Even so, it will do for now.

My strop disappeared the last time I went to the ranch. May have left it there OR it was taken by the Strop Gnomes. They are a devious and cunning race and infamous in the stropping community for their thievery. Well, I am glad I lost the other one because I was left with no choice other than to make a better one! Suck it, Strop Gnomes!!

Got this camper shell today for the WoodnManMobile for $100! Needs some fixing up and possible alteration. This one was designed to fit an extended cab which has a steeper angle. It may be possible to remove some material at the top to get the angle right. Or not. I may find one that fits mine just right and sell this one for what I paid for it plus any money and time I spend fixing it up.

Found this wreath outside of the school the night before last. Just in time for Solstice! Went for a cold plunge in the Pacific Ocean yesterday morning with a couple friends to celebrate the Solstice. It was cold, by Northern California standards, and refreshing! Did some body surfing too. So good, la!

Going to make myself a spurtle from this offcut of honey locust.

I received a new carver's vice from Veritas. Going to use it to learn figure carving. I am interested in mythical creatures from medieval times. I need to find a teacher, but I do have a step-by-step book that should do the job in the meantime.

New bowl in tan oak. Soft and curvy on the outside, but crisp lines on the inside. An experiment that I may follow up on with future bowls. Or not.

The stork dropped off new plates for the WoodnManMobile today! Clearly, the public education system failed to teach me how to spell properly.

Today I received the work holding elements of the Roubo workbench that I will build for myself in the Spring. I got the leg vice Glide C and Crisscross from Benchcrafted. I provide the wood. You can also see a Crucible plane stop on the Glide box. The two larger holdfasts on the right are also from Crucible. They are massive! The Gramercy holdfasts below them I have been using for a while now. They work fine but are limited in what they can hold. I will use them on the carving bench.

This will be my "backyard" in March! you can see the stump sprouts from the giant redwoods that were felled in the late 1960's. Some are quite tall now. The bottom pic is a discarded round from a giant tree that was felled at that time. I sometimes wonder at what the whole canyon would look like if it had not been logged. Even after all of that time there are still problems with log jams in the creek from trees that were taken down but discarded. Some of that wood is still salvageable!

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