I modified the shape of the handle a little to suit my style. Then I roughed out the handle, shaped it, and test fitted it to the blade. I need to adjust the kerf that the blade sits in a little as the holes are slightly off, but it is looking great so far!

I have not seen him in years. He commented on IG as I posted the same photo there. I believe he is up there still.

Tobias said that wood looks like Osage orange. I am going with that.

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Got the new handstand board mostly done. First coat of finish and short stumpy legs installed. Tomorrow I will apply the remaining coats of finish throughout the day and then add the rubber feet.

This wood is super special! I don't have a clue as to what species this is. Found it in a brush depot at Golden Gate Park.

Glue-up for the saw handle in progress. It's gonna be perdy. I may make an additional handle that is two-handed straight handle. Like a Japanese pull-saw. Not sure if it will work with the blade, but it has the potential to be easier to handle and more efficient use of energy. Gotta try it out.

Made the feet for the board. One day I will make tapered feet with the smaller end touching the base of the board. When I get a lathe I will make rounded feet. I have one more of these boards to make on commission and then a series of handstand benches. Looking forward to that challenge!

Got a box today with this inside. The documentation is mostly useless, for assembly at least. However, YouTube has videos for all of that. Did what I could today, but still need to install a blade and then fine tune the table and fence.

Handstand board after 2nd coat of finish. Tomorrow, one more coat. While that is drying feet will be made.

Commissioned to make this handstand board. Tomorrow planing, squaring the ends, angle the sides, chamfer the edges, light sanding, cut and attach the feet, and then first coat of finish!

The saw restoration has begun! Removed the handle, basting the rusty fasteners with death (seriously, if cancer has a smell this is it!), and the first round of sanding on the blade. There is some pitting that may remain after the second sanding so she will have some scars. I am going to laminate some nice wood slices together for the new handle. This saw is going to be better than ever!

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@fleeky @jiggidy @neauoire @Rstar @rek @xj9 @ashesmonroe @avalon Circus artists are getting drunk off 'instafame' right now. Circus is a huge fad now and everyone wants a piece. People are only interested in "connecting" if it helps their public image or puts money in their pockets. Everyone is boarding the "recreational circus fitness" money train and its going straight to Corporation station.

the spatuloon is finished too. This utensil also has self-defense features built in. Can be used to bring on the pain with either end. Or if cooking is not your thing then use it to discipline your loved ones.

Got the board and blocks done in the nick of time! Sent them over to the gala. Some time tonight some lucky people will win the auction and have some cool gear to help them with their handstand training! Both of these items were made of 100% salvaged wood. Some from abandoned furniture left on the streets, some from cabinets from the circus school, and the black walnut from old slabs slowly rotting in the forest.

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> We report light-driven levitation of macroscopic polymer films with nanostructured surface as candidates for long-duration near-space flight. We levitated centimeter-scale disks made of commercial 0.5-micron-thick mylar film coated with carbon nanotubes on one side. When illuminated with light intensity comparable to natural sunlight, the polymer disk heats up and interacts with incident gas molecules differently on the top and bottom sides, producing a net recoil force. We observed the levitation of 6-mm-diameter disks in a vacuum chamber at pressures between 10 and 30 Pa. Moreover, we controlled the flight of the disks using a shaped light field that optically trapped the levitating disks. Our experimentally validated theoretical model predicts that the lift forces can be many times the weight of the films, allowing payloads of up to 10 milligrams for sunlight-powered low-cost microflyers at altitudes of 50 to 100 km.


Making a set of handstand blocks and a handstand board for the silent auction at the Trailblazer Gala Circus Center is throwing tonight to honor my good friend and colleague, Weng Xiao Hong.

I went again to help my friend with his harvest. He only wanted the big primary and secondary buds as the price a farmer can fetch per pound has plummeted with legalization in California. There were still plenty of beautiful buds both big and small, like these, left over. I embarked on a "Leave No Bud Behind" campaign. I did my best with the limited time that I had, but, sadly, so many still remain. Zoom in. BTW these sugar coated lovelies are organically grown and smell like heaven should!

On my hike yesterday morning I found an old redwood tree that did not get cut down when the area was logged in the late 1960's. The root system is immense! That one root goes for about 30' or more.

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