Went to Samuel P Taylor State Park yesterday to get out of the gloom and chill of San Francisco "summer". Only 45 minutes away. Redwoods, crayfish, salmon and trout, fresh air, and sunshine. Beautiful!

Some of the flowers in bloom in the Circus Center garden that I care for. Left to right: Borage, ?, Calendula, herb Robert (a wild geranium)

The passion fruit vine at the Circus Center garden is flowering. So beautiful. Soon to be followed by tasty fruits! I love gardening. The plants handle all of the hard work, the gardener just takes care of the details.

Started cleaning up the walnut slabs. Ran this one through the planer to get the saw marks off. Most of the sap wood is ruined by termite and worm damage. Still there is some good heartwood left to use for projects. I have been commissioned to make a table top. I will be using some of this walnut and some ash that I have in the shop for that project. Very excited to get to it!

Salad tossers with first coats. The handles are short compared to most in the family, but you can hold the end with the spike between the pinky and the meaty part of the thumb, and still have comparable reach. Made with self-defense as a secondary function.

Got the bowl in redwood mostly done. I need to let it dry out more before I sand it. Still has a lot of water in it. Turns out to be too small in diameter to make a good chalk bowl. But it is good practice for me nonetheless. The wood looked like marbled grain fed beef when I was working it with the adze. Really uncanny. A bowl for the paleo/keto/ carnivore crowd. Next I will make a bowl out of tofu for the vegetarian/vegans.

Got the spoon of the salad server set mostly shaped and sanded. Just a couple things to fix. Next I will do the same to the spork.

Went up into the hills west of Ukiah, California to help an old friend of mine with some projects and to get out the shitty for a few days. He offered to trade some Mary Jane and slabs of old walnut that he milled back in the early 1970's. The wood is vintage and worth thousands. I think that I got the better end of the deal. I also went on a short hike up the canyon. Lots of redwoods and signs of bears everywhere. Beautiful country!

Got the spoon roughed out. Still more material needs to come off, but I will be working on that over the weekend.

Leather glove fingers to protect my digits from myself. Sliced myself enough to realize I am trying to murder my fingers. Must protect!
Got to work with this beautiful knife! Blade is from a smithy in Ukraine. Got some whittling in. More material needs to be removed, but the basic idea is there. I need to make a coping saw. I used a combination of 5ml band saw blade-only and my crosscut handsaw for the cutout for the "tines". Salad spork.

Did the roughing out last night with the heavier carving axe first, until I started to fatigue, then switched to the much lighter adze. I like to use both hands so I work with one until I start to get sloppy and then go with the other back and forth. Why use one hand when you have two perfectly good ones? Tonight I will be doing knife work to get them to their final shape.

Carved the bowls and did the cut out for the "fork". Tonight I will rough out the overall shape.

Got the layout for this salad serving set commission. No idea what the species of wood is, but the grain is gorgeous. Time to go bowling ;)

Latest set of handstand blocks went to their owner yesterday.

The premise of the act is a group of tourists go to a living history museum in the not too distant future. The exhibit is a typical coffee house in San Francisco pre-AI revolution. No one works in the present time that the skit is set in. They are just a bunch of idle low IQ doofuses ala Mediocrity.

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Unfortunately, we did not record video. Or maybe fortunately. Depends on your expectations.

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I created, scripted, voice acted, did the foley work, choreographed, and directed this bit for the end of year performance for the Level 1 of our pre professional youth program at Circus Center. I also coach this level. The kids bad lip synced their lines (deliberately), acted, and performed the acrobatics. Basically, they did all the hard parts.

I did this edit for a group of circus friends for a short show they put together. They gave me their songs and I created the transitions between so they flowed seamlessly one into the other with some allowance for transition time. The circus artists involved: Fleeky Flanco, Inka Seifker, Katie Scarlett, Chrissy Lux, and Olga Kosova.

This is another edit I did for Katie Scarlett for her straps act. Two songs sutured together by Arnalds Olafur. I "created" the storm at the beginning. By that I mean, I scoured the YouTubes for thunder sounds and rain. Got a bunch of them together and dropped them into different places in the audio field. If you cannot tell where the edit points are, that is the point. Leave no trace. Again, the songs do not need my help, but the artist had her vision and parameters. I helped make it real.

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