The moon the night before had a rainbow around it suggesting precipitation the following day. Rain and showers all the next day. Then I went for a run up canyon with Mateo, my erstwhile canine companion, and went for a cold dip in one of the pools in the creek. So cold but so good! When we got back home this rainbow appeared.

This tree just fell in front of the school. Sadly, the tree is kaput, but no one else got injured and there was no property damage. This happened just before the afternoon rush of kids come to take classes. Fell into the loading zone as well. The timing was fortuitous! I am going to save some of that wood to make something with.

Got my wood stove all cleaned up. The last tenant was burning pallets with all the nails, staples, and screws still embedded in the wood. I filled a five gallon bucket with a little ash but the majority being the aforementioned metal. The waterfall is so beautiful, the best cold shower, and it's in my "backyard"! I get in there halfway through my run and log workout. The shack was built in the '70's but the dude moved out when winter hit as the waterfall made it too cold to live in the shack.

Making handrails for the bleachers at the circus school. Made a newbie error as I did not take into account the fittings in my measurements so I had to take them apart, cut a bit from each length of pipe, recut the threads, and repaint the lengths of pipe. I suppose I could look at it as another opportunity to practice doing all the things.

Refined things a bit on the base. This would make a cool bench top or shelf. And I glued-up the blocks. The blocks are made with the same wood.

Cleaned up the glue up, did the layout, and then roughed out the base. Tonight I will refine the shape and mill the material for the handstand blocks and glue them up. The blocks will match the base. I put a thin strip of a repurposed cabinet from the circus school in the center.

Building a set of handstand canes for one of my colleagues. Had to epoxy the bug damage in the walnut that I am using for the blocks. I messed that up by not having the epoxy up to a more suitable temperature so it did not mix thoroughly and is not setting properly. May take a long time to cure fully if at all. Fortunately that won't matter as it is not crucial to the function of the blocks and is not on the show-side.

My friend, Ashe, found this redwood root washed up on the beach. I talked her out of it. I cleaned it with with a wire wheel and sand paper. Came out looking like a scepter/mace for a goblin king. Going to put a light of some kind in the big end.

made a lanyard from paracord for my kuksa. now i can attach it to my pack and hang it from my wrist if needed.

bought these rather inexpensive carving chisels for finer work. i dyed the handles. you really get what you pay for. several blades are not set properly in the handles, one blade is loose, and the edges on a few are raggedy. clearly made by people who do not give a fuck and were not paid enough to. i will never buy cheap tools again. it is worth every penny to get quality tools made by people who take pride in their work. the forge i like in ukraine was unable to make me any because of the war.

I bought this blade from my favorite smithy in Kharkiv, Ukraine a couple years back. I made this handle for it out of eucalyptus. The handle was okay but did not comfortably fit my hand. I was pretty new to the craft at the time and just dealt with it as it was. I have learned a bit since then and also acquired a few rasps in the intervening years. I did some much needed reshaping and now the handle fits my hand perfectly!

My camping spoon. Made from the other half of the branch that the matcha spoon came from. I did not remove the pith but hollowed it out and filled the groove with epoxy.
"Never use the pith", they said. Well, no one tells me what to do. Not even me!

Making a kuksa for the SHTF kit and camping. Filling the termite damage with epoxy. I actually found a live termite while hollowing the bowl. Messed the poor little lady up pretty bad with the gouge chisel. Was not intentional. Spalted tan oak.

Making some spoons. The one on the left is a gift for a dancer friend of mine and the one on the right is for my SHTF survival kit. I live in earthquake country so having one of those is a good idea and I am only now getting to building it. Better late than never, right? Black walnut.

Received a new branding iron with the updated logo. I used a different iron maker and the quality is much higher!

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