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@Adverb hi there , hope you having a nice day and curious about your ai work!

@sybren loved your python for blender artists course, cheers !

@weblogarithms welcome to the fediverse, are you really at the south pole? Good luck on those seedlings!

oi , in between my own pitiful attempt to work on this house i watch this guy for inspiration @jiggidy :)

To all Mastodon-admins: seems like there's an attack on all instances by troll accounts. Servers get slow because of it.
They use thousands of subdomains of My 'pull' queues skyrocketed.

I now blocked the domain and all is back to normal. Please check if you're hit too.
#mastoadmin #fediblock

yo admins, block
They're spinning up hundreds of instances to jam up sidekiq queues with pull requests. It's hit a good few now, better to get ahead of it

Your friendly reminder that this is in fact #BandcampFriday All money that you spend on the site today goes to the artist, as Bandcamp is waiving their revenue share.

If you feel so inclined, buying my new album would help me out quite a bit! It is #experimental #drone and #noise music, for those of you who are into that sort of thing.

Also, feel free to follow my account, I'm gonna be releasing plenty more music soon.

so in order for our heating system to not freeze in the winter i had to build a room inside of our basement .. from all recycled materials because we are broke,, this is the result! i am sad i didnt get to have a shot of the framing as that did turn out real good but here it is , there will be one extra wall to close in the back area more to protect it from the elements just a bit extra and we still have to insulate the ceiling somehow !

my wip solar shed, it will eventually have 1.2kw on the roof and a 600amp/hr battery bank that will run on 36v , i have to build a crate for the batteries and insulate it because winters in vermont get kind of cold, i think this will also be a starting area for trails into the woods and will eventually supply power to the cabins as well as power for lights in the housee :)

The spurtle is done. I am going to have to make more of these and one for myself. I really need one.

@darnell I run my own instance but love to hear from others doing the same

@evan hi I like hearing about when people make cool stuff, that is all

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