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had some time this weekend so i thought , why dont i see how far i would get with the solar shed , not thinking i would get that far, digging the posts was hard but after that i went and found two glorious old wood beams i saved from the house and cut up some heat venting for the concrete feet.

when it is done it will be a 1.2kw array with 6 100 amp hour deep cycles , it will power the lights in the house and will also carry power up into the planned cabins in the hills.

appreciation post , to my bench .. i love you bench you are great , not shown here are my other equipments which i also love , but bench you support through so much , i am appreciate youuu

I am teaching a handstand workshop at NECCA !

One question , does anyone here know if there are other circus communities out in the fediverse yet? It's been difficult attracting circus communities to the fediverse but maybe its me not them? maybe they are somewhere but i am not looking in the right place?

So we brought in the tropical trees last week so heres just a few shots of where our east wing is , we working helllla hard right now, trying at this point just to board up the old house but the support beam under the door is rotten so i have to cut it out and most likely am going to fill in with concrete. that and a million other tasks await for WINTER PREPERATION!

Also whoever reads this check out @jiggidy he is the coolest person on this instance and makes amazing wood stuff, buy one of his amazing wood creations!!

This instance is so out of date that the mobile client fails to upload images... server admin need goop much discipline ahhh

I'm so lazy, anyone know an easy way to upgrade a 4 year old Madison Install that's never been updated?

Someone name dropped Ernst Haeckel here recently which legally and morally obliges me to post two of his many intensely intricate zoological illustrations.

finally finished getting the insulation and osb into our little nook area, now i need to start framing up the downstairs walls by adding another 4 inches so that i can keep on adding all the 8inch rock wool insulation.

In the summer of 2009, The Swimming Cities of Serenissima sailed from Slovenia to Italy and made its way up the Grand Canal in Venice.

Brooklyn artist Swoon (a.k.a. Caledonia Curry) conceived the Swimming Cities' shanty boats, built from salvaged junk as a collective artwork.

Her work was included in Radical Seafaring at The Parrish Museum of Art, in 2016, which likened work created on the water by contemporary artists to the Land Art movement of the '60s/'70s;

Photos by Todd Seelie.

finally worked a bit on my portfolio site for 3d art , have a lot of content to add but am happy with the smole beginnings :)

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