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Multiplayer p2p with hypercore protocol is almost hereeee
Thanks to dresk @ashesmonroe and last but not least @RangerMauve !!

this months ..big push is to get the east wing liveable, what started as just removing the cladding turned into stripping the house to the bone.. the bigger opening will probably have two 5 ft windows and the other side will also have windows but we are not sure if what we have will fit yet. The pile of wood in the foreground is all wood we think we can recycle / reuse eventually for who knows what!

wtf , 180k to replace a roof .. for real? i can buy a new fucking house for that

The last remnants of the show, besides the silly 80's covers from the show still ringing around in my ears.. very grateful for the wonderful wintergarten that was foolish enough to hire me one more time..

The RV was looking good this morning, also all the plants @ashesmonroe planted are really coming along..

last show, this is the ceiling of the stage in the theater.. I spend way too much time staring at the ceiling during shows..

weird, applied same material to a mesh with different vertex colors , get super different results

texturing saga continues , still not happy with it but at least am learning stuff

@jiggidy this image pretty clearly explains , but is a bit small .. hmm

apparently they use metal plates to join the straight pieces and the joinnts, how would you join them?

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my brain not worky when trying to do greeble or texturing so just more attempts but nothing really interesting yet ..*ninja edit*

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