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last show, this is the ceiling of the stage in the theater.. I spend way too much time staring at the ceiling during shows..

weird, applied same material to a mesh with different vertex colors , get super different results

texturing saga continues , still not happy with it but at least am learning stuff

@jiggidy this image pretty clearly explains , but is a bit small .. hmm

apparently they use metal plates to join the straight pieces and the joinnts, how would you join them?

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my brain not worky when trying to do greeble or texturing so just more attempts but nothing really interesting yet ..*ninja edit*

This theater in Aschaffenburg was quite beautiful, they even had an automated prescenium that came in handy when the aerial point was too low

no idea where i am going with this, but here is another test level for our tumble demo

community resource (DIY tent heater plans) 

more wip shots of stoneskip island , trying to work with the scatter plugin so we can have some pathways with marked light posts on them

finally starting to get to work on stoneskip island , one of the 3 virtual worlds we are trying to make for hypergodot !

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prism space the yogurt of dream frenz