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Finally finished the support structure for our RV lean to using all recycled wood, next up is building the deck and then after that the actual roof finally!!

idea for this act, come in as a big chonker monkey with white fur , play with your belly button, fist gets into belly , start pulling out red fabric that represents your insides, most of act is you pulling out a giant mountain of red fabric, then you have to get out of the monkey costume from the belly button, then some circus tricks at the end .. maybe

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A view of the house/barn that we're renovating and our RV in back (with the shelter being built over it to protect from the snow). Photo taken from up on the hill in the forest.

So cool to be sitting outside by a fire and still have an awesome internet connection to share this fire on a beautiful cold night

tonight the stars were out so bright , you could see the galactic plane .. seeing the sky and stars makes me feel lucky to be alive , to see there beauty and wonder

@ashesmonroe made this great lil workshop flyer for me , also anyone if you are in the vermont area and want to take a handstand class you know who to hit up !

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