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Why does the janky start to our basement greenhouse remind me of the basement scene in pulp fiction

@fleeky the Dark Father welcomes all, without exception!

designed a standalone light for growing plants , hopefully not too many design errors, next stop is for @ashesmonroe to print it out !

Remodeled the rv bathroom because I was tired of living in pastels.

Experimented with some stones in this one , 4 more posts to go and then we start building the deck!

@jiggidy found this old article that's got a picture of my teacher xia, just posting it here for posterity, xia is the best ever

Our first cement post ! 9 more to go then a deck ontop of the rv then a giant lean to over the rv that connects to the barn before winter time!

@eejum hi there , @ashesmonroe and i are in greensboro vermont trying to make an art sanctuary and mushroom farm , for buying land we looked on zillow for about 6 months before finally finding the plot that we came upon , definitely wasnt easy but its worth it and if you need any help finding property let us know!

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