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some recent animations that were unforunately rejected for various reasons, maybe they will get used some for something else!

Collected all the wood strewn about in the basement, a lot more than I realized?!

Still a lot to do but hopefully will have the basement empty before Wednesday, also fun fact, previous owners used the stairwell as a recycle bin!

ok apparently fucking somafm be all circus music day for fleeky ,,
Proem , Dimensional Scissors Dance Routine :

Today's progress .. all furnaces are out , hot water heater out, now the pressure tank

Yay fresh picked salad! Basil, 2 kinds of lettuce and snap dragons!! Thanks @ashesmonroe

getting back from sf, surrounded by the noise of the city , people screaming , laughing , walking , cop cars, ambulances , traffic ..

and my first night back in vermont be like :

@jiggidy so .. fyi my farmer name is 'ole squeek jaw and ashes farmer name is Ashy two pants ..

would yours be ole' nakey farmer?

achievement unlocked ! Finally got all the pieces together with this rv pump to pull water into our rv tank! Next step set-up the 100 gallon tank with this in the barn. Yayy no more two person job for pouring water into rv...

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