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while this is overkill , this is a cool project that could be adapted to larger cybergrowing :)

Made more gorgeous handstand blocks on commission. Most of the wood is repurposed from furniture found on the street. Some is eucalyptus I harvested and milled into boards and some from a craptastic set of handstand canes.

@jiggidy yesterday i think i decided that i am going to make a 20x20x30 timberframe a-frame for the winter from fell trees over here .. HMMM

Here is the iron fitted to the handle to test the fit. Then I cut the notch and wrapped the iron to the haft.

Kentaro Miura , author of berserk has passed away. Thank you miura, for all of your beauty and struggle.

"The internet didn’t eliminate the human predilection for institutional authority figures or media interpretations of facts and narratives — it just democratized the ability to claim the moral authority to do it. "

Fuuuckin YUP
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