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fucking, absolute , bullshit
freenode is about to get fucked, fuck everything godamnit :

please consider rsvp'ing to this wonderful online only show and donating to there paypal!

hybrid movement is a movement group that just wont quit. go and support some of the artists who will never give up!

wow , this is super impressive , i was skeptical at first but i am a fan !

first avatar i got to model from the wonderful concept art of galad, is quite fun to work on this little thing.

slightly better, making animations that work with a character controller is a challenge

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how to make a giant scythe attack look good when you cannot animate the hips and anything below it ? also how do you create horrible camera animations.. all in one go ?!

its .. super cold outside today but my super toughy partner @ashesmonroe is out there working on the property while i push and pull vertice for money.. ashy you are awesome !

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prism space the yogurt of dream frenz