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was inspired to try out a specific technique for webxr avatars when faced with a lack of lighting options .. granted i am using eevee in this one .. hmm i should probably do a flat shaded version.. ok but first !

So @ashesmonroe and I are trying to now close on 15 acres with a burned out house in Greensboro bend Vermont, its close to Theater , Puppets , Circus and Nature. Wondering if people think that is neat and what would be inspiring them to do up here should there be opportunities to do so?

although it was not perfect i think 2020 really showed a lot of people that if they are just given some time they can make there dreams or ideas they have a reality.. the mind virus of needing a job to earn money to justify your existence was definitely given a rebuttal.

Homebrew Espresso Machine Has Closed-Loop Control

[Ben Katz] is in the process of building a compact, closed-loop espresso machine, and really seems to be pulling it off in the first shot. Though it may not be the final product, we’re in awe of the beau…

Original tweet :

Here's the project I"m talking about:

It's a cellular automata, like Conway's Life, but restricted to wires; someone designed this programmable computer in it; I'm porting my old Flash app to vanilla JS to run it.

The thing is, there's many different ways to program this. So I could make a video or live stream session for each one.

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finally set up my monotome as a git project on my swerver .. uhhh notice me sempai !!

fuck it ,, i signed up .. dying in a fiery explosion sounds fun.

looking for a 3d artist to model a few simple-ish hard surface objects for use in a cool game project! freelance gig, short-term, marginalized / underrepresented people preferred.

Hi there, I am freelance and would love to discuss if you do not find someone more deserving. Here is a link to my current project.

feel like i may be getting to the first draft of this , still need to add a lot more detail to the pipes and more tubes .. definitely more tubes ,, and like telephone lines and more structural supports and and ..

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