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just use a linear particle accelerator and a gigawatt laser to get matter-antimatter interactions that explode behind you to produce thrust .. (sort of read this paper)

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@voltur hi I follow in hopes to see more interesting stuff!

I have been training in circus-training on jitsi for a while now .. like 6 months ? it was a nice place where mostly serious training took place .. but currently lots of friends do not have the time so i am going to try something new

will start to do general "serious" training in a new jitsi channel called


feel free to drop by if you want to go to a relatively focused training space! i will be on in general 5pm - 8pm east coast american time!

Our janky rv tent is holding up, we have plant heaters on the batteries and the water pump, getting a propane delivery service today.. the winter has been mild so far but it does feel like some kind of accomplishment to live out in the sticks in vermont in an rv and not be running back to a city screaming and crying for civilization.

.. still havent learned kicad ,, so for now i still make pcb in fritzing :(

hey there , i may be needing to setup a wireless point to point link over a hill to another house ,, aproximately 1200 ft ? not all the way sure but do you have any recommendations ?

ok so here is my horribly pathetic attempt at twerking in a handstand.. like .. i can do handstands but i will never be able to twerk right.. i guess you could call it twerping?

sooo, what if you had a co2 scrubber directly above your chimney stack from a rocket mass heater ? the residual warmth would heat the algea and the c02 would obviously feed them ... soo this type of design could be useful for carbon capture for wood burning ?

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