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Water pump is broken but backup reservoir works, tough out here but at least it's pretty

so i would love to have a 3d pinterest where i can group things into depth based groups , double click would bring that image toward me, i absolutely loathe pinterest as a company but there image recommendations are so good bla! luckily there are image downloaders that would allow me to assemble this , will probably do ghetto version of this type of concepting for a while to see how it feels.

awe thank you, i am usually able to deal with this sort of thing, being a contortionist you learn a lot of ways to un-throw your back out but this one is a new and special type of back injury! i asked around the area and found a well recommended chiropracter hopefully she can help figure out the issue :)

not all anims work out.. like this walk cycle.. i mean if it was going down the runway maybe?

following a Johnny Rouddro third person tutorial for godot and managed to export the whole thing to WASM , yay !

*warning godot html5 3d test for desktop only, not mobile*

til about fsr sensors , really want to integrate this into a project for controlling stuff with muscle squeezing :)

trying to think of names that encapsulate what we @ashesmonroe and i want to do ..

Research Art Development Farms ,, RAD farms .. ?

oh and lots of butter on top ,,
it would be interesting what alternatives for heavy cream and butter there are out there to try to make it more vegan .. not that i am vegan but many on the fediverse are..

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recieved my first recipe handed down from my grandmother to my mother and now to me ,
corn , thanksgiving thing !
its vegetarian sort of ?!
get a baking pan , fill it about 3-5 millimeters with heavy cream , this first part is very important do it first!! then get frozen corn pour that in, most of the dish is that, then maybe get some green onion/normal onion or bell peppers or a small single potatoe , chop up finely , put in then get 2 bags of ritz crackers , then bake it till its yumm

apparently you can run raspi-config , enable fan and set a gpio pin to do pwm fan control ermagerrdddd

fuck just have to say @ashesmonroe makes the best motherfucking soups

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prism space the yogurt of dream frenz