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Insulating this with found fiberglass. @ashesmonroe and I mused that instead of earthships we will end up building trash ships..

having fun attempting to do low poly cloth with the knife tool,, does not look exactly like it yet though..

need to keep working the low poly to get semi believable fabric folds weee

The renovation of the wizard house continues.. currently measuring out how much insulation we need and will put up the dry wall that was left here

Retrocomputing Spray Paints: Amiga Beige, Commodore, and ATARI Grey

[retrohax] has provided vintage computer guidance for years, and part of that guidance is this: sometimes using paint as part of restoration is simply unavoidable. But the days of tedio…

Original tweet :

hah , raspi's are so bloated we should all be running m5stack instead and be happy with that much raw 80-240mhz computing power ! (otoh it can do 16channels of 16 bit pwm which the raspi cant and has some cool sensors)

doing some test sculpts with the base mesh , i call this one darkwing duck + absolute shit style !

Cory Doctorow, the myth , the legend :

Fixing Big Tech will require a lot of iteration. As cyber lawyer Lawrence Lessig wrote in his 1999 book, Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace, our lives are regulated by four forces: law (what’s legal), code (what’s technologically possible), norms (what’s socially acceptable), and markets (what’s profitable). <-- been looking for this quote for a lonng time

character blockout time + 10 minutes of slider twiddling on the atmosphere settings

so we looked at an absolutely magical place, not without problems, the road in is an extreme class 4 road for one thing..

this guy is Great ! super informative and interesting videos for understanding and building motor based projects:

hey , dont forget to do some excersize today and listen to industrial music!

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