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i need web proxies that send the internet to me in a simpler better form..

Someone did a pretty high resolution 3D scan of the Robert E. Lee monument in Richmond covered in tags and shrines and memorials and it's incredibly beautiful. I'm so glad this model exists and that it's high resolution enough to read most of the tags and text!

The Innovation Tank is a 🐛 caterpillar single-rider 🚜 vehicle developed at UCLA Innovation Lab from scratch.

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been wanting to figure out how to make marlin a more generic control framework , this looks like a step in that direction :

Soon… Inkjet Your Circuit Boards

Printed circuit board fabrication — especially in basements and garages — have been transformed by the computer revolution. Before that, people would use a permanent marker or little decals to layout circuit boards p…

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otoh just inserting the appropriate nut, while less clean makes your part much easier to recycle , disassemble

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This is a handy way to quickly make cuts in linear stock (like plywood strips or siding) with a circular saw. It's easier than a chop saw, which is less portable, and definitely easier than a table saw

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