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The Innovation Tank is a 🐛 caterpillar single-rider 🚜 vehicle developed at UCLA Innovation Lab from scratch.

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been wanting to figure out how to make marlin a more generic control framework , this looks like a step in that direction :

Soon… Inkjet Your Circuit Boards

Printed circuit board fabrication — especially in basements and garages — have been transformed by the computer revolution. Before that, people would use a permanent marker or little decals to layout circuit boards p…

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otoh just inserting the appropriate nut, while less clean makes your part much easier to recycle , disassemble

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This is a handy way to quickly make cuts in linear stock (like plywood strips or siding) with a circular saw. It's easier than a chop saw, which is less portable, and definitely easier than a table saw

i loathe bloated performance , but i genuinely enjoy being able to be a part of this fediverse <3

just finished helping my partner @ashesmonroe hang all the lanterns you see behind you in with our friends Caelan and @SophiaConstance

not in photo is 1 more block full of lanterns as well !

Why are people outside protesting?

5Demands, Not 1 Less.

* Justice for George Floyd

* Stop labelling the protest a riot

* Release and exonerate arrested protesters.

* Establish an independent commission to investigate police brutality

* Trump to step down

Extremely quick timelapse of building a shed. This is pretty much how I'm planning to build my cabin too, but with more windows (more than the zero here). And I'm opting for a metal roof than shingles since my roof will be more steep

finally had to upgrade this droplet to a dual cpu with 4gb of ram.. really knows how to chug the resources...

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