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New article on #lowtech magazine is about Soviet cultivation of citrusfruit in cold environments. Without fossil fuels but by using landscaping, crop hardening and and pruning techniques.

Could be interesting for those into #permaculture especially those into lowtech #geothermal techniques

wondering what the challenges would be for building an electric outboard motor on a boat.. thought you may have some insight.

alright this is my thread dedicate to meaningness apparently :

“But how do I know what to dedicate my life to?” Wrong question… a good question to ask instead is “What is something I can do now that will be both enjoyable and useful?” That’s a practical problem. You can find answers without using religious or therapeutic voodoo.

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ok .. will probably be posting a few more from this :
Nihilism shuts down emotions to deny passion.

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qotd :
nihilism uses intelligence against itself to produce stupidity

do yourself a favor and watch all the youtube videos of this guy!

the man the myth the legend, dr. kratky

@ashesmonroe made some progress just before the live show I ended up performing in on saturday .. heres a pic of it .. still need to get some good pictures of me doing handstands in the scene though hau hau hauuu

I will be part of a live quarantine variety show this saturday 8:30 chicago time ! Also it will showcase some of the work my partner @ashesmonroe has been doing for her immersive art show! <-- donate to aloft support chicago circus

ill put some more pics up soon of me actually in some handstands also..

hey there, tried to check your site out and it did not resolve.. maybe its just me ?

just found out that cabal-club chat can actually do multiple hashes !!!

here are the two i am on now .. we should start to share hash urls :) :)

cabal://508fdfb25cc892e4ea32fe01be1a0d8cddd2a8bafae30aaf667446b1cdb220b9 <-- official cabal

cabal://86e4b0dcfba60c52dd95d06beff6fffb0fb8917dbcf44c7922d1d2b7404aff63 <-- 7rnx cabal

i am becoming fan girl of @cblgh ..

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