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making the foreward look like a medium article so it is easier to understand.

yeah there's a lot of text, its a complicated thing. nothing wrong with making it skim-able tho. hopefully that helps people get what we're about a bit easier.

asking around, i may be helping to assemble a weird party/show concept prototype in sf ,, do you know of any awesome people who do procgen visualization , realtime or not realtime that would like to do project onto a planetarium?

doctor sleep : a man takes a drink, the drink takes a drink, and then the drink takes the man, aint it so dad

Ghosts, the memories of the dead dreaming

choice quotes from doctor sleep :
your beliefs dont make you a better person, your actions do ..

the whole world is a hospice with fresh air

i don't think permanent global identity is a desirable feature

better to have lots of disposable identities that serve a specific purpose and are optionally tied to other related ids.

Side note, I can't get over how awesome the rigging setup is here,

Spent the last 3 months training at this awesome space, you will be missed aloft!

@xj9 .. simple steps to a better world ..
convince everyone you know to change there wifi ap name to 'open.wifi' and to turn off encryption .. easiest way to make a mesh network run by the people for the people :)

@xj9 stupid question : do you know of any solutions for a distributed mail system where a bunch of servers replicate and act as backup nodes for eachother's mail servers? ive been wanting to do that for a lonnnnggg time with some community of people..

TIL This prototype from exists

And I think I really need it

Maybe not to buy, but might be a good #HardwareHacking project with my old Thinkpads

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prism space the yogurt of dream frenz