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@xj9 .. simple steps to a better world ..
convince everyone you know to change there wifi ap name to 'open.wifi' and to turn off encryption .. easiest way to make a mesh network run by the people for the people :)

@xj9 stupid question : do you know of any solutions for a distributed mail system where a bunch of servers replicate and act as backup nodes for eachother's mail servers? ive been wanting to do that for a lonnnnggg time with some community of people..

TIL This prototype from exists

And I think I really need it

Maybe not to buy, but might be a good #HardwareHacking project with my old Thinkpads

when are you going to make a mastodon server coded in c ? ❤️

had to add some elements i didnt finish for this, adding in a drok 90483 buck converter and some wiring, yay ?

animation test #2 done , this is the "part layout" animation , the plan is to have a single page that displays one model with multiple different views, now on to animating the step by step assembly instructions.

this is not the final animation , just looks goofy but .. WIP

late new years resolution ,
find an alternative to reddit ,, maybe i just need to be ok with not having a global aggregate of mindless posting? (there are some subreddits that are infact mind expanding but very few) . fuck i dont know .. i wish i could quit you reddit!

happy last day of the decade it has been very fun and inspiring reading about you and your partner's adventures and creations :)

hmm , magnetic tongue piercing + small electronics in your mouth to control random stuff.. yes .. yes i would maybe want to do that.

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