@KeriuchetiV on second thought if we ever flew a flag it would probably have racoons and mushrooms on it

@ashesmonroe I love how they smell when you cut them open! Like medicinal pine

@KeriuchetiV what about a city that doesn't need currency? Also we are not really flag people but we have joked about a pirate flag ontop of our highest tree complete with a lookout area

@jiggidy when did you get to see tobias ? he still in wine country ?

@jiggidy what diameter tree can this handle? will we get a video of you doing old school tree cutting with it ?

@fleeky the Dark Father welcomes all, without exception!

@jiggidy hmmm I only count two getting highs, not enough!

@jiggidy so you are going to move all of that up north?

@eejum oh wow , very interesting and i love the poster ! btw did you get anywhere with your property finding ?

@eejum oh how did it go ? ending domination ? in what way ? sounds neat , did you record anything ?

@jiggidy who you making it for ? they doing cool handstand stuff?

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