Extremely quick timelapse of building a shed. This is pretty much how I'm planning to build my cabin too, but with more windows (more than the zero here). And I'm opting for a metal roof than shingles since my roof will be more steep


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code overhead or performance overhead ,, curious as to this reasoning

finally had to upgrade this droplet to a dual cpu with 4gb of ram.. really knows how to chug the resources...

i wonder if you have seen this, seems very appropriate to your current interests.


If you love 🍖 BBQ, check out this board-controlled temp probe and fan used to maintain 🌡️ temperature.

Learn more: ed.gr/cfwug

Original tweet : twitter.com/hackaday/status/12

@sir omg i used to play that all the time , have fun :)

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thanks for the link, that was awesome. also good music choice :)

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what do you do if the sail has a large rip and you are out at sea,, take it down and do a temporary crude stitch up?

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