@jiggidy I wanna do a handstand on the flying perch now...

@jiggidy I get the job satisfaction part but I have yet to experience the done right part haha

@jiggidy do you think all those years with the jeep gave you the necessary knowledge to replace stuff like this?

So we brought in the tropical trees last week so heres just a few shots of where our east wing is , we working helllla hard right now, trying at this point just to board up the old house but the support beam under the door is rotten so i have to cut it out and most likely am going to fill in with concrete. that and a million other tasks await for WINTER PREPERATION!

@jiggidy I'm getting my protein powder ready for some wood finishing!!

Also whoever reads this check out @jiggidy he is the coolest person on this instance and makes amazing wood stuff, buy one of his amazing wood creations!!

This instance is so out of date that the mobile client fails to upload images... server admin need goop much discipline ahhh

I'm so lazy, anyone know an easy way to upgrade a 4 year old Madison Install that's never been updated?

@jiggidy Damn nice brand in the bottom! What are you finishing with?

@jiggidy yep and ash made pumpkin bread from her pumpkin harvest, next up is raspberry time! We will have all the stuff a crazed gang of post apocalyptic bikers could hope for!

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