"if it has been said a million times, do you really need to say it again?"

- Peter Watts

p.s. .. yes i am guilty of repeating , giving in to my philosophical zombie self

d @yerdua hey audrey its fleeky and i am in berlin are you and aaron in berlin? would you like to meet up ? miss you two and hope i we can catch up, i am here till july 17


any possibility that merveilles starts a lemmy instance? i'm thinking about starting one but have a feeling my tiny DO droplet wont be able to handle it ..

@neauoire woah how good does it end up ? Is it cheaper to buy compared to roasted coffee? Where do you get it?

damn , lorn at it again..


p.s. when trying to share music links online, does anyone have better recommendations than youtube? like maybe a youtube mirror or somethign? the ads are too damn high!

@cypnk thats pretty awesome , i am actually in the planning stages for trying to setup a mesh network on the 10 acres of forest that i have ,, was thinking to just have some ubiquiti routers but .. wondering if you have any suggestions?

@cypnk do you send normal wifi signal through it or wha ? what is the bandwidth like?

@cypnk yeah its cool to see electric chainsaws actually cutting things ! i imagine keeping your the chain sharp is even more critical.

for me though the star of this video is that propane tank wood stove, wow !

@julienduroure @Blender also thanks for the reminder about being able to export armatures as of 3.2 I've been using fbx as my animation export format for a while and forgot to check on this one , much appreciated for the update!!

@julienduroure @Blender

i mostly meant to say that its not so easy to try out any new in progress extensions, unless you are a programmer ...

it would be interesting if maybe there was some discussion on how to make some kind of workflow for trying out other gltf extensions.


there is a project called thirdroom that uses
among other extensions that would be useful.

also a link to the extensions third room uses

@ajsadauskas @darnell

how would a fediverse deflect an EEE ?

- block facebook (probably only a percentage of servers will do this)
- innovate with new features itself like supporting p2p edge device data integrity and key management
- embark on reaching out to people on larger platforms and properly explain to them the merits of switching to smaller platforms.
- focus on making our own standalone culture that can exist without facebook
- create new avenues for people to create and share

@julienduroure @Blender

i use it daily , in general its really awesome but here are some things off the top of my head :

- exporting an armature without a child mesh, the armature gets exported as a series of empties which is annoying.

- gltf extensions , there are a ton and they are useful for various new projects but afaik there is no easy way to use gltf extensions.

- github.com/KhronosGroup/glTF-B - this one might be fixed ? i forgot !

those are the main ones, thank you for working on it!

@rek wait what , how was it ?? i need to learn to how to cook that !

@klardotsh im here on the fedi for stuff like this , you can dooo eeeet !

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