@lilithsaintcrow whenever someone posts something that makes me stop and think I have to follow them , thanks!

@TerryHancock I wonder if anyone has mirrored tbp on a peertybe instance or Vimeo hmmm

@jiggidy lol shtf kit... Are there fire towers around where you will live?

@mntmn @cblgh nice I will definitely check that part out, thanks!

@mntmn @cblgh what was the reasoning that went into using that connector?

@cblgh @mntmn tangent question, is there a standard for replaceable batterty pack connects? Currently designing some swappable battery packs and am coming from a power tools angle but if there were a standard for laptop batteries that would be cool to adopt..

Wen npm install mastodon ,,, or sudo apt install mastodon

@nadim seeing circus on fediverse, like seeing an oasis in the desert.. so beautiful ... Is it real?

@cthon1c thank you for the follow , I shall follo back because it is Saturday!

@cthon1c @nx I saw similar thread, looks like maybe it can be a temp block but they will need to fix there bot/spam issues .. let's hope there is a !

@nx in that case they should close registration and also remove the bots first?

got 3 follows from soc.ua-fediland.de , one of them named patriot something had nazi symbology in it , hard nope for me , kindly fuck off fascists , enjoy site wide ban , very sus domain..

#fediblock? fascism 

@doot ahhh cutest snake ever! Also do you only have pupils or are those contacts in the second picture?

@prideofgypsies hi there! Enjoy your stay on the fedi choo choo train

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