sell tutorials online for learning orca with some smooth asmr narration ,, people dont value artists but they do value the spectre of potentially living out the fantasy of being an artist they admire..

Another for the Bad Ideas List 

Merveilles Server Maintenance Thread 

helping my partner @ashesmonroe with her art installation she does immersive art amongst other things, just wanted to post a WIP shot of one of the rooms with what we started to refer to as our apocalypse tree , just in time for the covid-19 holidays !

@xj9 sorry , but i read that as dildo-like protocol extensions..


have you tried running a peertube instance ? any pitfalls ?

@cypnk speaking of cnc , i am currently 2 and 0 on trying to make a pcb engraver out of cheap chinese cnc machines and opencnc machine, i think the next thing i will try is a 3d printer with a fine tip pen maybe + acid etching..

@mntmn stupid question but can you explain why you prefer borg over say ,, rsync ?

@cypnk the struggle is real , all of our work is cancelled , we are all freelancers living paycheck to paycheck and the paychecks are sparse. on top of that even after all of this it may be harder to get people to go out to public events for a while to come..

one idea we had btw was incremental improvement via "permanent-man" style festivities where you have a small (or large scale) festival but with an actual goal with a plan , so each year's 'theme' would be based on the progress roadmap ,, so first year's theme would be foundation/infrastructure.. depending on how far you get ,, next year could also be the same theme 🧛‍♂️

do you have an initial development plan document anywhere?

@xj9 when you do get land ill come to volunteer whatever labor you need.

@xj9 woah ,, its like .. morphic resonance.. my partner and i were also talking about how each community should probably specialize a little bit and tackle a specific problem also gives them something to export.. we euphemistically called them genius villages.. cause you know we are egotistical and wish we were genius'

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