@solderpunk so the basic specs are 20' x 40' equilateral triangle , aproximately 18' vertical height the beams are 2x8's spaced with 16 inches between each one as thats a standard stud distance .. i thought? i am essentially researching and then doing bets diligence but i am by no means an expert , would love your thoughts on it

@riseup4rojava shower thought, seems like nation-states exist in an anarchy ,,

@smerp I wish I could go ahead and prelike all future posts by you, great work

It survived a house fire not or its own doing.. still prints calibration test cube but with some under extrusion. Johnny 5 aliiiveeeee

Saving for later, could use this for Snodgrass style encrypted metaverse eprint.iacr.org/2013/229.pdf

glad you are safe, hope that your boat can be rebuilt

@cypnk "donut orbit space" :) what if you park in a similar orbit but just opposite side of the sun? dang earthers would want to own the whole lane ..

my gf designed this really cool clicky switch orb, and like heck i'm so excited about it i wanna share! it's a stimtoy/fidgettoy and all the buttons are any cherry mx sized switch, i put kailh box navy switches on all of these, and the keycaps are dsa profile which are the same shape on each side so they look neat on the orb/cube! it's really fun to roll around in your hand :p

ok this year no 2021 news years eve party but instead a FUCK YOU 2020 party .. yep mhmm

ok, dumb that i link to a twitter post , but this is big.. sort of
someone made a free mocap retargetting addon for blender!!! only sucky thing is you have to have an account on some site to do the retargeting but fuck it , still awesomeee

@sir no seriously, tell me how you really feel about this

love the colors on your level, hope to see more ..

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