hands are annoying, need to still make 'finger ports' in the arms to denote the hands coming out of the fabric..

argh , rookie mistake , fingers were uniform..
fixed, also small updates suck ,

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@detondev @neauoire
awesome, but i wish everyday was obscure rabbit hole day!

@qdot downloading/listening , i would say exai was better but who can really complain about an autechre release

@silverspookgames i love the metal music in the trailer, what engine did you use?

@neauoire please release some more lorn music.. just in case

@Shufei i cant remember who said it .. maybe you? but that none of the current human systems will work on there own and what we really need to do is find the right combination of all of them to ensure universal human rights to all humans while not destroying the planet.. seems like the right way forward ?

@Shufei i am currently on the learning end of what real peasents in the country get up to , very humbling and educational!

mental health, positive 

moar research !
graphite foil > stainless steel plates
dry cell > wet cell for safety and efficiency
excited to see what you come up with.

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