@jiggidy lol awesome, so when you have defend yourself against a meth head you can wield the mighty laughing mallet!

@jiggidy you are a plane ! also that wood in the background is laughing :)

@Some_Emo_Chick it's 2024 , the future.. and everyone has great tits.

@solenepercent @solene imagine if Godot became the blender of interactive applications..

we now have portals that can load different games , next step is to integrate hypergateway such that you download the game pck file from a hyperurl and then load that :)

@solene gonna try to get this working, it's not complete quite yet

@solene doing that with hypergodot ! I think it has promise

one of our 3 tech demos for hypergodot , we took about 2 and half months to develop this and hopefully we will keep going with it.
for both windows and linux you need to have the pck and the binary executable. on linux you must first chmod +x the binary before you can run it. any issues please post in the issue tracker :)

@jiggidy if you manage to stay in sf any longer i would suggest you take over Cuschieri's Cabinet Shop or at least make friends with the old dude there, or heck have you ever checked it out? it is where i got my first bench made :)

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