@wilkie honestly as long as its an open protocol then all the other open protocols can hopefully write bridges .. right .. right?

@stuarttempleton @godotengine

i know what you mean , its not perfect but its pretty cool either way and making lots of progress, i am currently however sidetracked with the q2rtx engine.. real time pathtracing is just too seductive..

@avalon yes exactly, In this case my balance is not that bad but the endurance in a single arm is too low for me to hold a one arm for longer than 1 minute 20 seconds. Going backwards will allow me to develop endurance and also confidence in my head that I can

So I am noticing just how important two finger training is for one arma it's like when you first learn to hold a handstand against a wall..
New for my regime 1 and a half minute holding, one arm with two finger support both sides increase minimum 5 seconds each week

@fanta gracias por el follow, mi espanol es mierda :)

Did something today I never thought I would, for almost three years now I have been trying to adapt to my body in its current state, took on way too much damage during my circus career and had to take a hard look on how I was training and even thinking about it all. The journey is not over but today I hit a 6 minute handstand with no assistance. It was hard but with the right mindset it became possible, here's to anyone who manages to overcome there obstacles, we can all do it!

@cypnk we should all just move to one time pad communication

@cypnk p.s. the list is very impressive but it needs links to trailers so that i may slowly go through this list and watch lots of anime trailer ;)

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