everyone on twitter moving over here except fucking circus people , Come On you damn greedy mercs get over here !

I am teaching a handstand workshop at NECCA !


One question , does anyone here know if there are other circus communities out in the fediverse yet? It's been difficult attracting circus communities to the fediverse but maybe its me not them? maybe they are somewhere but i am not looking in the right place?

last show, this is the ceiling of the stage in the theater.. I spend way too much time staring at the ceiling during shows..

This theater in Aschaffenburg was quite beautiful, they even had an automated prescenium that came in handy when the aerial point was too low

*ninja edit, linked to wrong video*
trying to get over my fear of filming myself, fear and self loathing have held me back for a long time..

So I am noticing just how important two finger training is for one arma it's like when you first learn to hold a handstand against a wall..
New for my regime 1 and a half minute holding, one arm with two finger support both sides increase minimum 5 seconds each week


Diagram Of Suburban Chaos

So Gone (Ventrimix)

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