so while in berlin i cant build the house physically so ashy and i are trying to build it digitally while we wait :)
link goes to a godot html5 build to look around the house, should work with mobile, let me know if it works for you !

sitting around backstage in the show gives me some time to draw again !

if any of yall here are in need of some super quality wood based circus equipment or maybe some hand made kitchenware made from all manner of wood , check out @jiggidy 's new page !
this stuff is lovingly made , check it out and pls recommend to anyone you know, this woodworking is amazing.

lucky enough to get to perform in berlin once again, i will be at wintergarten till july 06 , if any of yall are around let me know and i can get you a ticket or two

so a few weeks into performing in germany and i already miss vermont .. this was how i left it , i think its starting to warm up finally, looking forward to returning and continuing to build up dreams with @ashesmonroe

so in order for our heating system to not freeze in the winter i had to build a room inside of our basement .. from all recycled materials because we are broke,, this is the result! i am sad i didnt get to have a shot of the framing as that did turn out real good but here it is , there will be one extra wall to close in the back area more to protect it from the elements just a bit extra and we still have to insulate the ceiling somehow !

my wip solar shed, it will eventually have 1.2kw on the roof and a 600amp/hr battery bank that will run on 36v , i have to build a crate for the batteries and insulate it because winters in vermont get kind of cold, i think this will also be a starting area for trails into the woods and will eventually supply power to the cabins as well as power for lights in the housee :)

so we are building a room in the basement for our water / heating system and the first step was to build a stair case down into the basement!

at first i tried to make stringers for the steps but i managed to mess up the measurements or something and it turned out un level. instead i went through my burned wood , fit it to the basement , cut it and then screwed a block into that to find the level , then i ended up cutting them all at 50 degree :)

taking erindale's tutorial on how to build a root bridge and adapting it a bit to help learn geometry nodes, still not done but its been very fun so far to learn geometry nodes wee

had some time this weekend so i thought , why dont i see how far i would get with the solar shed , not thinking i would get that far, digging the posts was hard but after that i went and found two glorious old wood beams i saved from the house and cut up some heat venting for the concrete feet.

when it is done it will be a 1.2kw array with 6 100 amp hour deep cycles , it will power the lights in the house and will also carry power up into the planned cabins in the hills.

appreciation post , to my bench .. i love you bench you are great , not shown here are my other equipments which i also love , but bench you support through so much , i am appreciate youuu

So we brought in the tropical trees last week so heres just a few shots of where our east wing is , we working helllla hard right now, trying at this point just to board up the old house but the support beam under the door is rotten so i have to cut it out and most likely am going to fill in with concrete. that and a million other tasks await for WINTER PREPERATION!

finally finished getting the insulation and osb into our little nook area, now i need to start framing up the downstairs walls by adding another 4 inches so that i can keep on adding all the 8inch rock wool insulation.

some progress , the two older gents helping us with the roof are really showing how its done , they managed to completely rip off and are almost done replacing the roof while also adding a shed dormer , in only 3 weeks, probably one more week and they will be completely done with windows in place and cladding and such all on there , amazing !

for the east wing i managed to finally get in the 4 windows and door all the way and also cover it with osb , next is tyvek and tape!

we now have portals that can load different games , next step is to integrate hypergateway such that you download the game pck file from a hyperurl and then load that :)

one of our 3 tech demos for hypergodot , we took about 2 and half months to develop this and hopefully we will keep going with it.
for both windows and linux you need to have the pck and the binary executable. on linux you must first chmod +x the binary before you can run it. any issues please post in the issue tracker :)

@jiggidy got first window in , now got to shim it and put window tape and foam.. I dunno what it is but I get super stressed about house building .. like if you do it wrong you gonna have big problems down the line, but I really have no idea how to account for that. Also my skill as a carpenter is just not there yet, and yet we are doing this right now, no time to learn carpentry first..

avatar test for witch island , we want it to be that you can walk around the island and find different masks to wear.. this presents an interesting challenge of how to deal with mask / robe clipping .. to be continued

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