Second experiment, even in this janky state it works really well. Next step is to put a 50 gal drum on top and route the heat under the rv and out the other side weee

Water pump is broken but backup reservoir works, tough out here but at least it's pretty

so i would love to have a 3d pinterest where i can group things into depth based groups , double click would bring that image toward me, i absolutely loathe pinterest as a company but there image recommendations are so good bla! luckily there are image downloaders that would allow me to assemble this , will probably do ghetto version of this type of concepting for a while to see how it feels.

not all anims work out.. like this walk cycle.. i mean if it was going down the runway maybe?

just working on the first run cycle, i think its too goofy for this character tho..

Got the lights up, a few modular pieces missing but overall looks great!

Tried to make a rocket stove in the ground.. sort of got a double headed dragon burner instead.

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