annddd i made a battery powered version , extra crack style activate!

welp, accidentally bricked the mainboard of my 3d printer ,, didnt get much done over the weekend then bam , finally got the karadio32 working on my esp32 speaker setup !!

@ashesmonroe made some progress just before the live show I ended up performing in on saturday .. heres a pic of it .. still need to get some good pictures of me doing handstands in the scene though hau hau hauuu

I will be part of a live quarantine variety show this saturday 8:30 chicago time ! Also it will showcase some of the work my partner @ashesmonroe has been doing for her immersive art show! <-- donate to aloft support chicago circus

ill put some more pics up soon of me actually in some handstands also..

sometimes i just make boring models so that psu's in the real world have something to wear..

made a 3d printable enclosure for a plant light design , 50mm fan+heatsink + 100w cob led plant light or 100w white cob led , you could also very easily use this for 100w rgb leds..

helping my partner @ashesmonroe with her art installation she does immersive art amongst other things, just wanted to post a WIP shot of one of the rooms with what we started to refer to as our apocalypse tree , just in time for the covid-19 holidays !

@ashesmonroe we need this type of food cart stuff for the entrance of the interactive show :

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