hands are annoying, need to still make 'finger ports' in the arms to denote the hands coming out of the fabric..

argh , rookie mistake , fingers were uniform..
fixed, also small updates suck ,

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What is potential worth ?
Thanks @ashesmonroe for taking a picture of me i dont despise 👺


moar pictures of the morgan, vt property , it has everything except a network connection. we are trying to come up with options but ofc it is yet another knowledge domain where we only know the basics. @cypnk helped with some advice to convince the municipality to extend some basic connections up there.. we shall inquire about that and also continue to try to think outside the box to make this crazy idea happen.

I always loved this scene from gits stand alone complex , the scene shows the active chat users in the middle with the log as a central collumn of info , lurkers or people not talking in the rafters, simple fun vr interface :)

made a case for a raspi-4 ,, there are many like it but this one is mine (can also make one for 3/2 w/e)
now i can make variants till the end of days!

the legs will be gutted and replaced but after doing some imperceptible vertex pushing i thought i would take a cycles render of it !

Insulating this with found fiberglass. @ashesmonroe and I mused that instead of earthships we will end up building trash ships..

having fun attempting to do low poly cloth with the knife tool,, does not look exactly like it yet though..

need to keep working the low poly to get semi believable fabric folds weee

The renovation of the wizard house continues.. currently measuring out how much insulation we need and will put up the dry wall that was left here

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