stretching my legs with this rig a bit, need to work on some upper body animations first..
this one was fun , had to figure out a nice and easy way to have the hand ik targets follow the mesh object.

animation rigs are hard, doubly so when you are trying to make a rig to control another rig that has a bunch of mocap data you want to manipulate but in a non destructive way .. i feel like this is a halfway point, i can at least make new animations and bake them down to the original fbx armature but now i need to figure out how to rig things up in such a way that i can make small changes to the mocap anim, right now that does not work so well..

so i thought i was so cool, managed to retarget an absolute mess of fbx animations so that i could modify them / control the bones with rigify , i even use a driver to control the influence of rigify on the fbx armature, unfortunately fractional influence does this, thinking i will need potentially another solution to do actual fractional influence , most likely will just use this to bake completely new animations and not modify existing :(

just .. wow , i remember reading the manga almost 20 years ago and this panel stuck in my head and never left..

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learning a lot about the vr world this week, got this egg doggo working with some little extras :)

was inspired to try out a specific technique for webxr avatars when faced with a lack of lighting options .. granted i am using eevee in this one .. hmm i should probably do a flat shaded version.. ok but first !

fuck it ,, i signed up .. dying in a fiery explosion sounds fun.

feel like i may be getting to the first draft of this , still need to add a lot more detail to the pipes and more tubes .. definitely more tubes ,, and like telephone lines and more structural supports and and ..

i always feel bad posting these tweak shots, do-not want to spam others with my tinkering,, hopefully its not as bad when its in a single thread.

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