designed a standalone light for growing plants , hopefully not too many design errors, next stop is for @ashesmonroe to print it out !

Experimented with some stones in this one , 4 more posts to go and then we start building the deck!

@jiggidy found this old article that's got a picture of my teacher xia, just posting it here for posterity, xia is the best ever

Our first cement post ! 9 more to go then a deck ontop of the rv then a giant lean to over the rv that connects to the barn before winter time!

Getting this ready for a concrete skirt and radiant floor concrete slab with @ashesmonroe
Good workout!

One more, we will have to get a cement frost skirt installed to remove those horizontal beams which hold the whole house together, plus side is we also gonna get radiant heating put in and will have an extra foot of interior

Still have considerable deflation bit this time I've got useable aircrete bricks for insulation!

some recent animations that were unforunately rejected for various reasons, maybe they will get used some for something else!

Collected all the wood strewn about in the basement, a lot more than I realized?!

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