Oh yeah @jiggidy so I officially cannot find any mahogany Santos in the sizes I need , what do you think about layered Santos with dowels?

@jiggidy dowels would hold it together from all the repeated impact

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@fleeky you don't need dowels. wood glue is more than strong enough. in fact, wood glue makes a stronger bond than the wood itself. of course you need to clamp the lamination together while the glue sets. i am happy to do that for you if you like.


definitely. should only take a few days to do the work. likely I can have them ready before the end of the month if you get the wood you want me to use here.

@jiggidy dang macbeath is totally out of mahogany Santos bahhh

@fleeky how much do you need the blocks to weigh?

@jiggidy the weight needs to be 4.83 lbs / board foot but I'll also measure the actual blocks and respond with that also

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