got 3 follows from , one of them named patriot something had nazi symbology in it , hard nope for me , kindly fuck off fascists , enjoy site wide ban , very sus domain..

@fleeky its apparently a Ukrainian server thats been getting bot spam from russian trolls when they’re likely not able to moderate according to the reply to the instance

@nx in that case they should close registration and also remove the bots first?

@fleeky @nx the .art admin post I saw earlier today said that presumed Russian bots were setting up on the Germany-based instance when the Ukraine-based admins were unable to counter in any way, and may not even be aware, because of power outages from Russian attacks

@cthon1c @nx I saw similar thread, looks like maybe it can be a temp block but they will need to fix there bot/spam issues .. let's hope there is a !

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