so in order for our heating system to not freeze in the winter i had to build a room inside of our basement .. from all recycled materials because we are broke,, this is the result! i am sad i didnt get to have a shot of the framing as that did turn out real good but here it is , there will be one extra wall to close in the back area more to protect it from the elements just a bit extra and we still have to insulate the ceiling somehow !

@fleeky Incredible work! Our friends are renovating an old home in Randolph and they used spray-foam insulation for the ceiling and rigid foam for the area around the masonry (exposed brick) where the basement and house meet...

@brendan yeah we got a quote for spray foam on the basement walls but it was way too pricey like 10k ! ,, we are definitely thinking about rigid foam for the floor though as a lot of the cold comes through there, really looking forward to the radiant heating system working .. i think i might cry when it happens *fingers crossed*

@fleeky Yikes...that's pretty steep. Best of luck and hope it keeps you warm this winter!

@brendan what kind of heating do you do at your place? pluses / minuses?

@fleeky We live in Chittenden Co and use natural gas (I know, I know...) forced hot air.

@fleeky Wow! Thanks for showing this; looks fabulous. Tips for accessing reclaimed wood?

Our house in Proctor is gonna need a room-inside-a-basement bc someone retrofitted the in-ground basement as a drive-in garage! And all of our pipes etc are there. And we just converted to heat pumps, but it turns out the ultra-inefficient boiler is what's keeping the basement above freezing. #diywhy indeed

@jordinn our property came with a house with extensive fire damage and we took it to it's timber beams on top of dismantling a shed and also in the barn there was old wood lying around.. if there are any farms around they might have some?

@jordinn also are there any sawmills around where you live? Chea

@jordinn also sometimes sawmills have waste wood or you could always look for dying or fell trees if you have some acreage?

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