my wip solar shed, it will eventually have 1.2kw on the roof and a 600amp/hr battery bank that will run on 36v , i have to build a crate for the batteries and insulate it because winters in vermont get kind of cold, i think this will also be a starting area for trails into the woods and will eventually supply power to the cabins as well as power for lights in the housee :)

@fleeky Lookin' good! I'm curious to see how 1200w will do in VT. I was on 750w in New Mexico during the summer and did okay with a family of 4 in a camper, so I think you'll do nice.

36v is REAL nice.

@alexstandiford that's impressive Alex, for now this will mainly act as backup power, I imagine it won't perform very well in the winter but who knows?

@fleeky I bet it'll surprise you if it's mostly for backup purposes!

@fleeky Really nice! You think one of those heating pads used in greenhouses to keep seed trays warm could work to keep your batteries warm?

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