One more pic , the billowing is caused by the cold air doing everything it can to get in here to make it cold and yucky!

@fleeky what about doing the same on the outside? That should keep the wind from blowing out the inside lining and give you a bit of dead air space for insulation.

@jiggidy yeah we did, still not a very good analog to real insulation ecpecially when it gets to the single or negative digits

@fleeky you Americans are so weak. you know that in China Lu Yi and Xia did not have insulation. Or walls.

@jiggidy lol, i totally read that as did not have Insulin or walls haha

@fleeky i wonder if they got Parkinson's from the head to head teeter act? that would make sense why Lu Yi has it worse than Xia since he was taking the brunt of the impact. boxing, rugby and other high contact sports not infrequently cause Parkinson's and other brain function disorders later in life

@jiggidy oh wow , they like american football players,, they should sue nanjing for medical damages..

@fleeky I already did. now i am super wealthy and living it up in my sweet villa located on Fantasy Island. having a great time over here being obscenely rich!

@jiggidy I don't need money.. I'm a raccoon billionaire , all trash is minnneee

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