@jiggidy today we lay the pex tubing. this part is particularly stressful as we have to make sure there are no leaks or kinks in the pex by doing an air pressure test that we have only a marginal idea of how to do properly weee

@fleeky Best of luck with that! I hope you don't find any, um, kinks. oOOooOOooOoOOoOOOOOooo!!!!!

@jiggidy omg i cant believe we are doing this right now, its almost daily that we sort of are in disbelief at the amount that we have bitten off , its legit insanity over here

@jiggidy we got the pex tubing down, holy spaghetti monster shit that was stressfull and tough, we actually had to scrap one loop because it got a kink in it , luckily we had spare so it was ok , the last little bit was so crazy hard it was like the tube had been wound up 20 times and had all this crazy force wanting to coil/tangle it up bbahhhhh! now we have to do the test and clean up the ends downstairs. radiant heating is kind of a nightmare to setup.

@fleeky in spite of it all you did it! Do you think the pex was harder to handle because of the cooler ambient temperature?

@jiggidy omg probably , the pex tubing was super hard to work with , also with the air pressure test i was thinking the cold weather was making it harder to make a tight air seal.. anyhoo concrete got layed yesterday and now we are keeping it warm so it will harden :)

@fleeky did you all lay the concrete or did you have professional help?

@jiggidy no not at all , we had someone do it, it took them .. almost a month to do what with the new concrete foundation the put around the east wing and also the slab that they just finished in the picture, was interesting to see the whole process and honestly it was money well spent. there was no way we could have done it with just the two of us haha

@fleeky yeah, I would be at a loss as to how to do that. will you run hot water through the pex, is that how it works?

@jiggidy yeah basically, the plan now is to get a hot water tank and a heat plate to transfer the heat to a closed loop system consisting of antifreeze and water or something, @ashesmonroe knows more about it...

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