@seasharp for sure could be made sturdier with a real plan and brand new wood, but its "basic idea good enough" + all recycled wood and recycled roofing , i may or may not use recycled plastic but tyvec really is nice to have , i do have some tar paper that i could also use but plastic/tar are about the same for aireability

Plans are overrated, as long as she's structurally sound and nothings rotting. Airflow's a tough one with any water resistant plastic, I suppose a good crosswind is the best you can plan for there. How old's your RV?

@seasharp 95 holiday rambler :) yeah the wood is *mostly* ok. we shall see how it is in a year and will make appropriate fixes :)

That's lookin pretty good for 26 years. Would have guessed 80s with the blue-teal-magenta stripes. Here's hoping you don't get any bliblical-level snow drifts on top in the meantime!
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