tonight the stars were out so bright , you could see the galactic plane .. seeing the sky and stars makes me feel lucky to be alive , to see there beauty and wonder

@fleeky that sounds great! these past few days i've been able to see around 10 stars and i felt "lucky" already (when comparing it with the experience of other people deep in the city)

fortunately they have also made me feel in awe... but now i don't want to settle for this :)

@sejo some is better than none ! cities have different stars , i miss lots of my friends in cities .. hope you get to see the galactic plane soon :)

@fleeky I got to see the same thing last time I was up at the Ranch. SO incredibly beautiful. Spent a couple hours looking up into the night sky.

@jiggidy if it wasnt so cold out i would be doing the same over here right now haha, days are pretty great but the nights drop 20-30 degrees

@fleeky @jiggidy we got our first frost here a couple nights ago

@fleeky I would say make a fire pit to hang out around but then you would not be able to see the stars all that well. Still, make a fire pit. Fires are so much fun! That is one thing about Cali that i do not like is that you cannot have fires during the summer. Whereas in Virginia fires are fine all year long. Whenever I go to my dad's I spend most of my nights at the pond and get trippy around the fire.

@jiggidy oh i need to do the getting trippy part , we totally have a fire pit btw. a testament to how fucking busy we are is we have a giant burn pile but just never put on a fire cause we so pre-occupied ,,, a travesty it is !!
p.s. i really really really want to figure out how to install fucking zip lines .. EveryWhereee!

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