@fleeky oh well hello googling eyes salutations!

@Rstar yeah cant wait to see more of your art ! also mastodon.art is a pretty cool place i think i follow a few people there already

@fleeky especially in mobile, i am not oriented to how to join additional groups. what groups are you in that you recommend to me? or how should i find myself more collectives?

hah i dont really know , initially i tried to get a lot of people to join and no one would so i've just over the few years i've been on slowly added people who'm i thought were interesting,, i would check out @neauoire @rek they are pretty awesome
my friend @xj9 for all the silly posts and some interesting solarpunk research as well as ofc

i feel like the fediverse is still a place where you build your own groups up, search and be curious !

@Rstar @neauoire @rek @xj9 @ashesmonroe @jiggidy @KeriuchetiV
any ideas on how to make a stronger circus presence on the fediverse would be awesome ..

@neauoire @fleeky @Rstar @rek @xj9 @ashesmonroe @KeriuchetiV @avalon

Yes, circus. Circus Center is a circus school in San Francisco. Xiao Hong is formerly of the Nanjing Circus in China and is one of our lead instructors. He, Fleeky, and myself were taught by Mr. Lu Yi and Teacher Xia Ke Min. Xiao Hong and his family are moving to Taiwan soon, if it does not get invaded, so the school is honoring him with the gala.

@jiggidy @neauoire @Rstar @rek @xj9 @ashesmonroe @KeriuchetiV @avalon
it would be cool if the circus center created a mastodon instance , start to bring other circus communities together with this, i think it would ultimately benefit them but most orgs and people dont understand this concept of making it themselves on the internet , they look at it like this magic black box when in fact its people that make the whole thing..

@fleeky @jiggidy @neauoire @Rstar @rek @xj9 @ashesmonroe @avalon Circus artists are getting drunk off 'instafame' right now. Circus is a huge fad now and everyone wants a piece. People are only interested in "connecting" if it helps their public image or puts money in their pockets. Everyone is boarding the "recreational circus fitness" money train and its going straight to Corporation station.

@KeriuchetiV @fleeky @jiggidy @neauoire @rek @xj9 @ashesmonroe @avalon there are most definitely circus artists from all across the spectrum. for sure, majority smush-smash will be dumb-blah corporate fake-junk. but the true artists will always persist somewhere- hiding from insanity, clinging to life, nurturing meaning and beauty... invincible and hell bent on defying conformity...

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