@fleeky omg no I was running an event at that time and missed it!! :(

@fleeky my friend April and I did an event to kick off our community discussion group on Ending Domination :)

@eejum oh how did it go ? ending domination ? in what way ? sounds neat , did you record anything ?

@fleeky we did not record anything sadly... I think people are not interested in being "on tape" but I took notes :) I plan on writing them up and consulting with my friend about it. I made a flyer for it here as an example of some of the stuff we plan to do!

@eejum oh wow , very interesting and i love the poster ! btw did you get anywhere with your property finding ?

@fleeky thanks :) took a crack at graphic designing lol. and got nowhere. kinda have a lot going on at the moment so need to pace myself

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