@fleeky Some pieces are true & some contradictory. You dont need to know the solution to fully understand the nature of a problem. And ALL problems are related to other problems; theres no "sometimes". They also say wicked problems demand creative solutions & can't be solved by standard methods.Except they clearly followed the objective scientific method when developing this concept.That is still a bias & belief.
This is an idea, if it were life it would find a way 🌱


@KeriuchetiV thanks for the book recommendation and the pov :)

@fleeky oh always, even when its not wanted lol. Have you talked to Dom at all? I dont get his emails and I usually communicate through Panda. But she just tells me he said to email or call him.

@KeriuchetiV yes i have he is fine he seems to be turning into a hermit scholar , exploring ideas and knowledge.

@fleeky what? Thats what im doing... The last time we chatted on the phone for an hour discussing human nature. I got him a book but i never sent it.
I hurt my wrist a couple months ago and called Dom and Dr. Colman. Dom didnt answer. Dr. C told me he would find me a doctor and I never heard from him either.
Perhaps its time to make another email account..

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