@eejum hi there , @ashesmonroe and i are in greensboro vermont trying to make an art sanctuary and mushroom farm , for buying land we looked on zillow for about 6 months before finally finding the plot that we came upon , definitely wasnt easy but its worth it and if you need any help finding property let us know!

@fleeky @eejum @ashesmonroe hell yea NEK. still looking for the perfect place in southern/central vt but maybe I should think about moving back up there 🤔

@amsomniac @eejum @ashesmonroe main reason we decided to settle in greensboro bend : cheaper area of greensboro, some existing circus here as well as bread and puppet theater and the highland center for the arts to make shows at, there is definitely still land for sale around here and if anyone decided to move into this area we would love to help them and slowly make more of a community. that said i think as long as we all stay connected digitally we can make community that way as well :)

@fleeky @ashesmonroe OMG y'all are the best :) I'll def let you know... we are discussing as a group right now, but tbh, I would not be surprised if we break up into smaller groups for feasibility purposes.

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