Still have considerable deflation bit this time I've got useable aircrete bricks for insulation!

@fsan mmm need to make forbidden frosting now urrreerraghhh..

@fleeky Those look like brownies unearthed from the ruins of Pompeii.

@jiggidy funny you mention pompei i was watching a thing on roman concrete and they said the reason its lasted thousands of years is , just , volcanic ash .. i wonder if adding other types of ash .. like wood ash could help the structural integrity of aircrete?

@jiggidy yap, i think imah do a few more runs to just get the foam down but once i do that imah be putting everything into this stuff muahahah

@fleeky or a bunch of raw heroin with a street value larger than some sub-Saharan countries!

@dncn haha or .. a new computational substrate made out of compost and styrofoam !

@fleeky nice!
Something something recycling prime numbers.

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