so i thought i was so cool, managed to retarget an absolute mess of fbx animations so that i could modify them / control the bones with rigify , i even use a driver to control the influence of rigify on the fbx armature, unfortunately fractional influence does this, thinking i will need potentially another solution to do actual fractional influence , most likely will just use this to bake completely new animations and not modify existing :(

just trying to think out loud here :
* using a copy transform to an empty that controls the bone position , this "breaks" the fbx armature heirarchy on purpose because its heirarchy is incompatible with rigify or any sane person's concept of how a rig should work .. but how would you respect the fbx armature parenting relationship while at the same time using rigify to modify the mocap armature actions???

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probably will just have to toggle between influences and manually pose rigify to match up to the old mocap data and then once i have keyframes working on the rigify armature *then* i can modify that and bake new animations from *that* *cry*

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