hi there , curious as to how your property search went and what trade-offs you accepted for the current land that you are on ? i am having a pretty challenging time atm finding an ideal spot in vermont and part of that is weighing trade-offs so i thought i would ask someone else's thoughts!

@fleeky Oh this sounds really exciting to talk about! I think the first decision point should be around what the type of land you are looking for is. What combination of forest / pasture / water features do you want to either have already there or be latent in the potential of the space? When you know this you'll want to learn more about how water catchments / watersheds might work in the areas that lead to those types of landscape. From there you should have the general idea of where.

our main issue :
cannot spend too much max 75k but more like 30-50k
vermont land has been bought up hard last year so at the moment we are torn between several concepts.
each place we find lately will have some fatal flaw in it. (last place we were into we found would not allow mobile homes , no animals, no farming).
we are constantly changing and re-changing our plan based on what is available and its tiring. so just sort of wanted to hear your story a little bit :)

@fleeky My criteria was to either find
1) 10+ acres with healthy forest
2) either a larger home with potential or no home at all
3) ideally a good water feature
4) some sort of magic

I traded off the water feature; the property I have has no constant or standing water. All my other boxes were checked.

I looked in person at approximately 30 properties over 8 months. Watching the real estate map in some target areas was a big part of that

@fleeky nearly every weekend we would drive to one of the target communities and explore the area. It was important to visit the local communities to understand what the people and place were like. I also had the benefit of a number of people who were able to give me advice on things to look for, and a few friends to walk the land with me.

@fleeky there were three places I either put in an offer on or was just about to that were "good enough", but didn't make my heart sing. I'm so glad that that offer didn't succeed and I waited for the right one. I knew it almost instantly when arriving at the land.


@salamander ugh i so know what you mean, certain land will just tell you that its good.. i hope for that every single time and only rarely get a little whisper lately, partly why im frustrated atm. also frustrated because even though its winter we are literally running into people in the middle of nowhere who are also looking for land atm!

@fleeky don't get too discouraged! Write down all the things you want in a land and then examine each of them closely; some might not be as important as you think. It takes a long time to find the right place, but you'll be so happy when you do! Reach out anytime if you want to talk more about it.

@salamander thank you for the emotional support :) ill be looking at properties this weekend and next weekend until i find something, luckily i have no choice !

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