my most unpopular (yet pretty basic) opinion: things that people blame capitalism for in the current era are facets of humankind that in fact vastly pre-date the rise of capitalism in society, an will require a far greater re-engineering effort, whose shape is possibly hidden from sight by strictly anti-capitalist stances


@mala hanging out in vt , a lot of people here are .. anti capitalist on accident .. basically they are poor but they figure shit out anyway, case in point there is a guy here who fixes everyone's cars for dirt cheap ,, how much does he make a year ? from what i've heard somewhere under 9k but he can also have a farm with animals because his friend lets him use there land and they let the animals stay there or something..
the future is cooperative or not

@mala he ends up gaining lots of social capital and people in this area genuinely try to help eachother out.. not all value is based on money

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