@fleeky What ever for, it is absolutely perfect exactly as it is! 😍

I mean, I'm sure it's not, in hundreds, thousands of ways...

...and yet, there is *one* way, an important way, in which it so very clearly is.

@solderpunk its a friend's family's shame in a lot of ways, people around here would stop and laugh?! the inside was never finished and it is full of "trash" my partner and i are curently insulating and trying to make it into a makerspace,, also need to figure out a way to put a reflector telescope out the top, night time here is gorgeous!

@solderpunk also i agree the outside is perfect, we will only be making the inside more quirky :)

@fleeky If you're at all interested in documenting that process anywhere I would love to follow it along. Of course, if you're not, and you'd rather just *do* it, that's the most understandable thing in the world. I hope you have a blast, and learn a lot, and nobody for whom it is "too weird" stands in your way.

@solderpunk thanks i will try to document! my partner and i were just saying we dont document enough, we get so into the thing we forget to take pictures.

@fleeky What is the utility situation, is entirely off-grid?

@solderpunk it is on my friend's family property of 80 acres. has power running to it from an adjacent house about 500 feet up a hill, not a lot though i think its a 20amp breaker.. this will most likely be a research place and not an actual off grid home. we are however gearing up for doing biogas(methane) tests from compost / human waste and also turbine tests for hydro and wind, i want to do solar but am out of work so need to save money doh!

@fleeky Sounds incredible! Hopefully you get to do everything you want with it one day.

heres a link to our in progress proposal that we are developing, looking for feedback / sanity checks.. once the propsal sounds good to people we will be fundraising


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