@neauoire @xj9

if you are in SF at all till about march 31st we would love to have you over for open house cofe tea time !

the offer extends to other people as well, but being a fedi-hermit i am not really sure how to get the word out.

SF, most any day, 1-4pm or so. address provided in private!

@fleeky @xj9 I'm actually leaving the American continent until next fall in 5 days. I would have taken you up on this offer otherwise. Why until march tho? Are you moving?

@neauoire @xj9
yeah our current plan is , sf till march for @ashesmonroe secret project.. then mexico for april, vermont/sf for may, and for the end of june alaska for the midnight sun.. then we dont really know.

@neauoire @xj9 @ashesmonroe we are currently travelling in the hopes of meeting new like minded people who want to do interesting things that havent been done before.

@neauoire @xj9 @ashesmonroe cool, well see what happens, we hope to make some good contacts and good art in June but maybe we can make another trip up!

@fleeky @neauoire @ashesmonroe

@BeEmsabub and i would like to meet up if we can, but because of some recent bullshit with our apartment we're going to try to accelerate our plans to move to Oregon so we'll see what we can do.
@xj9 @fleeky @ashesmonroe @neauoire With luck and successful planning we should be able to be up in Oregon come late summer or early fall, hopefully early enough to experiment a little with some winter crops and temps to start some home food production.

but srsly, fuck landlords.

@BeEmsabub @neauoire @ashesmonroe @xj9

i was doing indoor hydroponic growing at my illegal circus warehouse for a while with my partner .. its easier than you think :)

@BeEmsabub @neauoire @ashesmonroe @xj9

looking forward to all your oregon updates and hopefully to visit at some point

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