i really like godot but oh wow does it have issues , been trying to get gridmap to work but it has a lot of hidden assumptions that make working with it nigh impossible for anything marginally complex , will have to go back to building the entire level in blender and exporting that way , unfortunate as one of the goals of this specific project was to make it really easy for devs to build levels, ah well..

A nice warm morning, last night we put the space heater underneath the area where the water pump is to help from freezing ,nope still frozen this morning , might actually be the surrounding pipes that are freezing? Hmmm

phew , woke up to thinking that the water pump froze again only to figure out that it was just the hot water heater thats been turning off randomly so it decided to freeze solid overnight .. ha. hahahah..

my new year's resolution is to be like this orangutan driving a golf cart ..

and it shall henceforth be known.. as ..


TLDR : if you are morbidly curious pirate the matrix 4 do not pay for it , you have been warned.

the.matrix.4.movie is a crime against cinema .. i just cant believe they fucked it that hard, even the concept that they were taking the piss because warner brothers would do it anyway seems like a slap in the face to any audience that actually pays to watch it.

One more pic , the billowing is caused by the cold air doing everything it can to get in here to make it cold and yucky!

The current training space using patented thin strips of plastic to not really protect against the cold! Luckily we have a combined 60,000 btus of heat coming from da Mr heater yay! As soon as my wrist sprain heals this gonna be great 👍

@jiggidy found the problem out with the image uploading , should be working again !

ok so making two new scripts one for removing preview-cards (currently there are 837160 preview cards in the drive) and one to remove orphan media .. learning is half the battle ...

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