welcome to the fediverse linus , and thank you for all you've done for open source :)

Polina makarova , I have no idea why she represents Mexico as she looks very Russian but whatever she is pretty amazing , check her out!





aender .. have you ever seen this type of rigging setup before? this is a total game changer for me ,,

in the video they set all damping constraints to 0.5 ,, if you set the damping constraints to 0.7 its much more loose and towards 0.1 its much stiffer, amazing !!


@heuser just gonna follow for more updates on your project, good luck!

@jiggidy dowels would hold it together from all the repeated impact

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Oh yeah @jiggidy so I officially cannot find any mahogany Santos in the sizes I need , what do you think about layered Santos with dowels?

@Pierrick_Picaut love all your tutorials, definitely helped me with my animation technique!

Wen npm install mastodon ,,, or sudo apt install mastodon

@cthon1c thank you for the follow , I shall follo back because it is Saturday!

got 3 follows from soc.ua-fediland.de , one of them named patriot something had nazi symbology in it , hard nope for me , kindly fuck off fascists , enjoy site wide ban , very sus domain..

@prideofgypsies@mstdn.party hi there! Enjoy your stay on the fedi choo choo train

@gordon hi enjoyed your Twitter posts, now I shalt enjoy the mastodon posts!

schratze is fediblocking us (lol) for racist harassment. for the record, this person considers shitposting in the grotesque and malicious #fediblock hashtag at no one in particular to be "racist harassment". just for the record!

@MarkRuffalo welcome to the fediverse enjoy all the nerdle talks!

17 minute handstand to ring in the new year, I will stop at 20 minutes and then switch to increasing my one atm hold time.. training in 2022 felt like treading water, I didn't get to do a lot due to many constraints and I'm not where I want to be..

But I'm going to use that disappointment and going to think real hard about what I'm doing and how to get where my dreams want to take me..

Hopeful for 2023

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