The poop got clogged in the toilet's exit area such that it could not close , had to run outside and get a stick , tried to gently nudge with toilet paper wrapped around stick, wouldnt budge , had to forcibly push and swirl poop around till it would finally clear the pipe , WEEEE

Got the lights up, a few modular pieces missing but overall looks great!

Tried to make a rocket stove in the ground.. sort of got a double headed dragon burner instead.

more thoughts, use the blender addon mixer as a way to control *multiple* cnc machines all within the same blender scene.. so you could create a bunch of dancing robots or a product line, and you could theoretically implement some kind of feedback into it all as well..

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cnc control inside blender, now we need the ability to do arbitrary access generation of gcode as well but this is a good initial step! really want to do some robot control with g-code + stepper motors soon !

any mastodon admins out there ever have a user account just .. vanish? i had a new account come in recently and this somehow happend?? please hallp ! i am trying to cajole them back right now with profuse apologies :(

@jiggidy yay ! really hoping to see some wooden spoon action soon :)

doing a pose test , automatic weights work good for testing but i will have to do a bit of weight painting to get the deformation correct, weee

the best part of waking up is rolling your back out while drinking cofe and huel..

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