hands are annoying, need to still make 'finger ports' in the arms to denote the hands coming out of the fabric..

argh , rookie mistake , fingers were uniform..
fixed, also small updates suck ,

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Seek and Ye Shall Command

If we count all the screens in our lives, it takes a hot minute. Some of them are touchscreens, some need a mouse or keyboard, but we are accustomed to all the input devices. Not everyone can use the various methods, like cereb… hackaday.com/2020/10/02/seek-a

Original tweet : twitter.com/hackaday/status/13

What is potential worth ?
Thanks @ashesmonroe for taking a picture of me i dont despise 👺


moar pictures of the morgan, vt property , it has everything except a network connection. we are trying to come up with options but ofc it is yet another knowledge domain where we only know the basics. @cypnk helped with some advice to convince the municipality to extend some basic connections up there.. we shall inquire about that and also continue to try to think outside the box to make this crazy idea happen.

This photograph ranks #1 in terms of the most profound influence on our understanding of the universe

This is the photograph which provided the first experimental confirmation of the theory of general relativity

Just found this again. It's the single most helpful video on welding that I used while experimenting on my wood stove design

No frills, not filler (except welds), all direct information


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Now we dont have a permanent place to live, are just moving from place to place that will have us. but you know what? we fucking care about peoples lives over money, even when we get no financial support, so fuck some people that can grok that.

temporarily leaving vermont and our dream of settling an off grid common interest community and going to stay at a magician's mansion in pitsburgh for the winter..

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