helping my partner @ashesmonroe with her art installation she does immersive art amongst other things, just wanted to post a WIP shot of one of the rooms with what we started to refer to as our apocalypse tree , just in time for the covid-19 holidays !


have you tried running a peertube instance ? any pitfalls ?

A library 📚📚📚 for MicroPython 🐍 for drawing tiles and sprites 👾 on an RGB SPI screen. Created by @deshipu

Learn more:

Original tweet :

This is called SEER:
Simulative Emotional Expression Robot by Takayuki Todo

The expressions are 80% the eyebrows which are actually a very simple mechanism. Each eyebrow is a flexible tube and two servos on either end. The rest of the expressions are from the eyes and head angle. It's a little unnerving, especially in person, but all very #Cyberpunk


@ashesmonroe we need this type of food cart stuff for the entrance of the interactive show :

@neauoire @xj9

if you are in SF at all till about march 31st we would love to have you over for open house cofe tea time !

the offer extends to other people as well, but being a fedi-hermit i am not really sure how to get the word out.

SF, most any day, 1-4pm or so. address provided in private!

ok that was unpleasant , upgraded to mastodon 3.1 ..

just a shout out to cblgh that monotome has been and continues to be my favorite way to do knowledge organizing so far :)

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