wow this is a great video showing off how you can do auto led position detection !

This old thing has been through many prints, now it's gotta go to storage but there are no cardboard boxes big enough..
Enter the jank enclosure..

Thanks, youtube, my Friday would not have been complete without knowing about THE VELOCIPASTOR

everyone hating on everything and talking about the merits of socialism / communism / anarchy / democracy ..
and im sitting here staring at the quakers like fuck they really figured this shit out a long time ago..

sure they are super religious , but they are basically anarchists from what i can tell.. and pretty good ones at that.


Diagram Of Suburban Chaos

So Gone (Ventrimix)

This is a really helpful series of videos called
" #LinuxCNC for the Hobbyist "

The first few videos deal with explaining what is "CNC" and some background on downloading and installing Linux. I'd still watch the one on requirements (video 6)

Of course, buying parts now isn't in my budget, but I keep this as a reference for when I get ideas

i need web proxies that send the internet to me in a simpler better form..

Someone did a pretty high resolution 3D scan of the Robert E. Lee monument in Richmond covered in tags and shrines and memorials and it's incredibly beautiful. I'm so glad this model exists and that it's high resolution enough to read most of the tags and text!

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