"if it has been said a million times, do you really need to say it again?"

- Peter Watts

p.s. .. yes i am guilty of repeating , giving in to my philosophical zombie self

d @yerdua hey audrey its fleeky and i am in berlin are you and aaron in berlin? would you like to meet up ? miss you two and hope i we can catch up, i am here till july 17


any possibility that merveilles starts a lemmy instance? i'm thinking about starting one but have a feeling my tiny DO droplet wont be able to handle it ..

damn , lorn at it again..


p.s. when trying to share music links online, does anyone have better recommendations than youtube? like maybe a youtube mirror or somethign? the ads are too damn high!

finally making a small site for pictures / videos ive taken ..

this specific entry is some video ashy and i took when we initially got our property in vermont , am planning on compiling all the videos together into a single glitzy glammy video .. well see if i get there, but for now check out the snippets !


so while in berlin i cant build the house physically so ashy and i are trying to build it digitally while we wait :)
link goes to a godot html5 build to look around the house, should work with mobile, let me know if it works for you !

@yaxu hi , just following you because i liked your posts :)

I wonder if we're seeing the peak of AI-generated text.
Once the web is flooded with loads of this AI-generated guff, I guess it'll start entering the AI models' own corpuses, so the models feed back on themselves, choking on their own words

@rysiek just following because i enjoyed reading your blog posts!


good article on some of the issues with federated social networks, i think they were not thinking radically enough though.

we need bridges to p2p networks. federated social networks are just a stepping stone to fully p2p networks that are not just about social interactivity but a lot more.

@deadsuperhero thanks for working on diaspora , i ran an instance for a while , yall awesome

i just blocked another one , ugh mastodon.social need to get there mods awake

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some fucking asshat trynna spam ,, i see that its coming from mastodon.social so i am just going to give a personal block but give a warning to others.. fuck this spammer


sitting around backstage in the show gives me some time to draw again !

if any of yall here are in need of some super quality wood based circus equipment or maybe some hand made kitchenware made from all manner of wood , check out @jiggidy 's new page !

this stuff is lovingly made , check it out and pls recommend to anyone you know, this woodworking is amazing.

lucky enough to get to perform in berlin once again, i will be at wintergarten till july 06 , if any of yall are around let me know and i can get you a ticket or two

wow , this plugin looks super awesome , i need to try to remember it somehow and maybe get it to support the communication protocol we made for our own robots in blender !



all these ai bitches scared about paper clip maximizers.. but if its so easy to make a maximizer .. just fucking make a paper clip minimizer to balance out the maximizer.. there done .. fuck !

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