So I am noticing just how important two finger training is for one arma it's like when you first learn to hold a handstand against a wall..
New for my regime 1 and a half minute holding, one arm with two finger support both sides increase minimum 5 seconds each week

@fanta gracias por el follow, mi espanol es mierda :)

Did something today I never thought I would, for almost three years now I have been trying to adapt to my body in its current state, took on way too much damage during my circus career and had to take a hard look on how I was training and even thinking about it all. The journey is not over but today I hit a 6 minute handstand with no assistance. It was hard but with the right mindset it became possible, here's to anyone who manages to overcome there obstacles, we can all do it!

its the new year and i am trying to figure out how to deal with my rv producing more poop water then our little 50 gallon drum can handle.. most options assume the temperature is not below freezing.. happy new year :)

really like the idea of , have you checked out and there concept of knowledge graphs?

"If the reserve army of artists would stop applying for grants to do projects in centers for contemporary art and start building worlds, perhaps cultural sensibility and ecological sustainability can combine in an economy organized around freedom and care rather than production and consumption."

Second experiment, even in this janky state it works really well. Next step is to put a 50 gal drum on top and route the heat under the rv and out the other side weee

Mounted the display and the pi. Realised that some of the cables don't fit. Removed the pi again. Will have to improvise to make it work.

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any browser tips for raspi4?

its hilarious to me that the raspi4 can handle two 4k video outputs but stutters and cries whenever i open a browser.. i mean, am i just doing it wrong? i can always use a different window manager but i can't imagine the performance would improve that much more?

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