“That is the best part of beauty, which a picture cannot express.”

@SophiaConstance hey there you are! I vote yes on all of these things.

I want people around me that get more sharp with age. Excited about thought and possibility.

I totally forgot I just had my one year seizure-free anniversary!

I need to design an inflatable/mobile work station, so that I can both be comfortable everywhere I go and my friends can laugh at me.

@fleeky @neauoire @SophiaConstance oh I don't know if I could bring the whale! Let's hash out what this looks like and we'll discuss

Somehow....I'm going to get two posters and a logo done in the next three days.

@nonetrix@niu.moe ha. Yep, just about. I found a 'pistachio cream IPA' in the same store.

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