@ashesmonroe a very complicated way to have a house collapse :)

@ashesmonroe What is the frost barrier about? I have never heard of one before.

@jiggidy you've probably never lived in the tundra of Northern Vermont ; ). It's a wall-type structure that goes underground and keeps the frost from going under the house and upheaving the concrete floor we're about to put down.

@ashesmonroe You have exposed me as a fraud. Now I will have to stop telling everyone that I am from Vermont. Maybe I can spin this and tell everyone that I only meant that I identify as someone from Vermont.

@jiggidy it's also doubling as a new foundation for the main studs (instead of the rocks that were there before)

@jiggidy once it's all in we can cut those support beams that go across the house. They used to support the wood floor but right now they're the thing holding the house together.

@jiggidy oh I also made friends with our neighbor that has a CBD/CBG farm (Fleeky just reminded me to tell you)

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