“My advice to anyone watching right now is it is not easy to do but try and do what you love with people you love, and if you can manage that, it’s the definition of heaven on earth,” - Conan, on his last late show

my brain is low on feel-good chemicals. : (

I've never had allergies before in my life before moving to the east coast and now I really just want to stick plugs in my nose.

Found this in a pile of garbage and abandoned dirty laundry

I wrote a cute little adventure story about the "island of Cayuga" getting swallowed up by the water.  We all got on a little boat made of cardboard and carefully took one plant;  a "greenbean tree" with us to restart our world once we found a new home.  After traveling through the deep sea and outer space we finally landed and planted our precious greenbean tree. 

It made sense to have the first plant I put in the ground at my first home be one of these. 

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Before we all left the circus school Cayuga in San Francisco and it was bulldozed, I planned one last goodbye show called 'Down with the Ship' about the idea of home.  For someone who has had trouble rooting myself it was an emotional meditation. 

On buying an old house and adopting someone's history. There's a lot of responsibility involved in going through the love letters, old totems, keepsakes and signs of everyday life. For someone with a writers spirit it's both enriching and extremely taxing.

For example, in rotation right now I have 'Supernatural Horror in Literature', 'Homage to Catalonia', and 'The Fall of the Roman Empire' ....I wouldn't recommend it right now if you're the paranoid type but the places my mind is going are really interesting.

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I have a habit of reading 1-10 different books at a time and while it does hinder my ability to integrate a work as a whole I appreciate what the cross-pollination does to my dreams and awake ideas.

So I got two scholarships for programs that are kind of at ends with each other and I'd like to find a fun way to put them together. I got accepted to do an herbal medicine program at Chestnut School of herbal medicine, and THEN I got a scholarship for Dataquest to use their services for free, which is actually really nice for me because my motivation is at an all-time low and I need a refresher on datasci idiosyncracies. +100 handholding.

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