When your whole justice system survival depends on one 85 year women then there is something wrong with your "justice". #ruthbaderginsburg

Because of my deepening interests over the past year I've been slowly elaborating on a self-study Microbiology curriculum. I thought I'd see if anyone on here was also interested in a sort of book-club/pooling notes/adding to diy-bio art projects/farming tips.

Apparently the DIY vaccine for covid that I've been following is showing good initial results! youtu.be/6BTdA2kHOCc

Hiked to the dam of the swamp today and found this old boat that has some gorgeous beer cans in it.

Gave away a lot of my mushroom cultures today. I'm happy that they can continue growing but sad to see them leave : (

So for the past couple of months under shelter in place here in SF I've been focusing on art, a lot of knitting, and a LOT of elaborating on my mushroom culture collection.

@ashesmonroe made some progress just before the live show I ended up performing in on saturday .. heres a pic of it .. still need to get some good pictures of me doing handstands in the scene though hau hau hauuu

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