For example, in rotation right now I have 'Supernatural Horror in Literature', 'Homage to Catalonia', and 'The Fall of the Roman Empire' ....I wouldn't recommend it right now if you're the paranoid type but the places my mind is going are really interesting.

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I have a habit of reading 1-10 different books at a time and while it does hinder my ability to integrate a work as a whole I appreciate what the cross-pollination does to my dreams and awake ideas.

So I got two scholarships for programs that are kind of at ends with each other and I'd like to find a fun way to put them together. I got accepted to do an herbal medicine program at Chestnut School of herbal medicine, and THEN I got a scholarship for Dataquest to use their services for free, which is actually really nice for me because my motivation is at an all-time low and I need a refresher on datasci idiosyncracies. +100 handholding.

@CODAME ART+TECH Festival 2020 call for proposals/volunteers/sponsors out now! Due Nov 1st, event runs Dec 11-20 👀💭 #JOYNT to connect, collaborate, & celebrate 😁

Took a break from woodworking and survival skills to vote. Please get us all out of this mess.

the world is full of experts. I am not one.

The idea of a "personal carbon footprint" was popularized by BP, the world's 6th largest polluter. They knew that passing the buck onto "individual responsibility" ensured they would never be held accountable.

bent backs
Breaking in the center
burning flags of ancient civilizations
doors we never entered
leading to concrete holes in the floor
the house is burning as we work
installing plumbing to nowhere
fire dribbling down our chins
wash it down with bottles of gasoline
and somehow I still feel cold
I'll tie these knots for you
but maybe you can tell me
where this rope will fall
my back is bent.


When your whole justice system survival depends on one 85 year women then there is something wrong with your "justice". #ruthbaderginsburg

Because of my deepening interests over the past year I've been slowly elaborating on a self-study Microbiology curriculum. I thought I'd see if anyone on here was also interested in a sort of book-club/pooling notes/adding to diy-bio art projects/farming tips.

Apparently the DIY vaccine for covid that I've been following is showing good initial results!

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